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Govt road accident report reveals 73 percent bikers died in accident, were not wearing helmet

You can keep repeating the need for wearing a helmet, but no you can’t hammer sense into folks to make them wear it. For the merits argued, there’s the counter argument of discomfort, actual benefit, and inconvenience.

The report notes safety devices such as helmets and seatbelts don’t prevent accidents but are crucial in averting fatal and grievous injuries. In 2017, 48,746 road users on two-wheelers lost their lives in road accidents, which is the single largest category. Of those who died, 73.8 percent weren’t wearing helmets.

Family of four on a motorcycle in Pune.

In 2017, 26,896 persons who died in road accidents and weren’t using seatbelts. 12,206 persons died despite wearing seatbelts. Through 2017, 72.1 percent of fatal road crashes involved young adults in the 18-45 year age group. Of 4.64 lakh accidents accounted for, 1.47 lakh people lost their lives.

87.2 percent people named in accident fatalities were in the 8-60 year age group. 30.4 percent of total road accidents and 36 percent (53,181) of deaths in 2017 were reported on National Highways. In case of fatality, accidents on NHs accounted for 53,181 (36.0%) deaths, SHs for 39,812 (26.9%) deaths, and 54,920 (37.1%) on other roads.

Rider without helmet, carrying protruding metal part.

In 2017, of 4,64,910 road accidents recorded in the country, 1,41,466, that’s 30.4 percent were reported on National Highways (NH). 1,16,158 (25.0 percent) were reported on Expressways and State Highways (SH), and 2,07,286 (44.6%) on other roads.

India holds a cruel distinction of reporting a high number of road accidents and fatalities. A Road Accident report points to at least 98 two-wheeler rider deaths daily in 2017. 79 car occupants died each day because that’s what happens when you don’t wear a seatbelt. About 9 people died on a phone call each day on the road.

Of the total road accidents listed in the study, 79.9 percent had a valid driving licence. While the licence record of 2.6 percent folks is not known, 7.1 percent folks had a learner’s licence and 10.4 percent people did not have a valid licence on them. Full report is attached below.

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