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Man in West Bengal takes road roller to go to his wedding – Video

Marriages could often be a show of grandeur whether it’s gifts for guests and vice versa, the menu or extravagant wedding cards. With a plethora of wedding ideas coming to fruition, here’s one that’s novel.

The groom came to be wedded on a roadroller. The ceremony hosted at Krishnanagar on Sunday night, saw all and sundry partake in festivities as the the roadroller made its way to the venue.

The motivation behind it all was a childhood dream. The groom had always wanted to make the drive to venue in an old car. And that’s what he went on to do, only having swapped the car for a roadroller as he made his way down High Street, Krishnanagar in West Bengal.

Having caught pedestrians unawares, the wedding posse garnered plenty of interest with passersby cheering on the entourage. The couple, Arundhati and Arko having been together for thirteen years and planned upon the roadroller to be part of their wedding ceremony.

The couple also made an effort to reduce plastic waste and swapped all packaging with paper bags. To reduce the burden of multiple car rentals and adding to chaos, all groomsmen packed themselves into a red and yellow minibus to add to the revelry.

In keeping with the theme of simplicity, instead of blaring music at the reception the next day, the couple opted for a street musician. The flautist keep guests charmed through the day. As against the cost of hiring a car worthy of the groom, the old road roller rental proved to be a great cost saver. The couple were aware of another wedding where the couple had used a bulldozer as their chosen vehicle to arrive at the venue.

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