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Ampere Electric Scooter Price Starts From Rs 42k In Gujarat – Range 75 Kms

Ampere Magnus Pro
Ampere Magnus Pro

Following FAME II subsidy revision and Gujarat EV Policy update, Ampere electric scooters are now available for under 50k

Alongside range anxiety, a major concern for those considering an electric scooter purchase has always been the cost of the vehicle itself. Now with Fame II policy revised, and various state governments introducing state specific EV policies, things are beginning to look up. Only last month, Gujarat EV policy was announced soon after FAME II subsidy revision. The current price revision

With this, Ampere electric scooters are now available at a retail price of below Rs 50k. Recent price revisions could prove to provide the nudge needed in making electric scooters a viable daily commute option.

Ampere Vehicles is an e-mobility business of Greaves Cotton Limited. A price revision means even large scooters from Ampere Electric are now listed below the 50k price point. When compared to price points in the scooter segment, this could be just the prompt needed.

Gujarat EV Policy

Gujarat EV Policy has aided electric two-wheeler manufacturers revise price points in the state to improve their appeal in the market. Ampere Electric is appreciative of these initiatives as they fuel growth of such mobility solutions for last mile connectivity.

Ampere Electric ScooterNew Price (Ex-Gujarat)Old Price (Ex-Gujarat)Diff

The current sentiment regarding two-wheeler usage is being viewed closely by millions as petrol price regularly touches the 100 buck mark. Roy Kurian, COO, Ampere Electric, said, “It will help commuters optimize on petrol expenses in their conventional 2W’s. It will also help logistics players in B2B segments to save significantly on their transportation costs & rather utilize this money for business development”

Ampere Magnus and Zeal electric scooters

Ampere Magnus and Zeal can reach top speed of 55 kmph. Ride range is listed at 75 kms on full charge. Depending on mobility needs, the could last a good 2-days. Since starting ops, Ampere Electric has built its customer base to over 80,000 folks. Ampere Magnus was earlier listed at a price of Rs 74,990, and is now available at a revised price of Rs 47,990. Zeal electric scooter was earlier listed at Rs 68,990, and not costs Rs 41,990.

Electric Vehicle Policy revisions could just be the push the EV industry needs. The more timely they are, the more beneficial. EV industry growth potential is a natural course of things as the world makes a transition towards carbon neutrality, and decreasing carbon footprint. This potential is proving to be a stepping stone for many a manufacturer.

Ampere Zeal
Ampere Zeal

The EV industry, especially the two-wheeler market has in recent years seen a large number of new age manufacturers enter the segment. This includes a spate of tech companies, and others who have embarked on the EV journey. The market continues to see new manufacturers enter the foray portending to a future that could look very different from today’s two wheeler market.

Modern day EV policies outline a goal to reduce carbon emissions. Concurrently, policy guidelines encourage entrepreneurs to venture into the field of electric mobility. This could see the light of day through setting up charging stations, which are key focus area today. A robust EV charging network will boost the convenience of the EV industry. The government has announce that execution of current plans will help in CO2 emission reduction by about six lakh tonnes over the next 4 years.

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