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Harley Davidson Street 750 Scrambler Bologna custom – 2016 EICMA

Motorcycle Customisation is sincerely appreciated when the gender of the bike is completely changed with minimum possible alterations, yet making the result truly convincing of the kind it is changed to. In this regard, the makers of the Harley Street 750 Scrambler Bologna and the Street 750 Factory Racer truly deserve a standing ovation.

Harley Davidson Street 750 Bologna Scrambler

It takes the sophistication out of the make do cruiser and gives it a raw, simple, old school and inside-out appeal that’s very refreshing to see when we know that that’s indeed the Street 750. We wonder why the maker has retained the stock radiator :-p

The spoke wheels and the huge button tyres are the first to scream for attention (especially the 180/65-R17 at the rear), followed by the twin golden Tyga performance exhaust if you’re on the right side of the bike, or the two tone subtle style paint-job on the fuel tank if you’re on the left. The retro flat seat with ribbed upholstery and centre band will not be missed from any side. The top surface of the seat cover appears to be Alcantara.

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The less conspicuous mods that grab attention are the multi-LED round headlamp, gloss black highlights throughout the bike starting from the wheel flanges, custom handlebar and the contrast coloured rear shock absorbers by Ohlins.

There appears to be no change in the powertrain department.

To learn about the stock Harley Street 750 check out our detailed review here.

PS: This mod is nothing compared to the one presented at 2016 Bangkok International Motor Show, where a motorcycle monk customised the Street 750 into an adventure tourer! Please check it out.

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