Helicopter carrying Maharashtra CM crashes – All are safe (Video)

In an unfortunate incident a few hours ago, the helicopter carrying Maharashtra CM crashed immediately after taking off.

Earlier today, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Mr Devendra Fadnavis was in Halgara village in Latur. He was there for the Shivar Samvad initiative which has to do with interacting and having discussions with farmers. He had reached Latur earlier today in a helicopter. Later, after meeting the farmers, he left the village and boarded the helicopter.

Hundreds of people were there to wave him good bye. His helicopter soon took off from the village ground. But immediately after take off, the pilot noticed unfavorable wind pattern and decided to land the helicopter int he village ground. But, before he could land, the helicopter got entangled in wires, and crash landed. Below is the short video which was shot by one of the supporters present at the venue.

Post the crash landing, help arrived to the spot in no time. Ambulance, fire brigade, cops were at the spot and immediately removed the passengers and the pilot from the crashed helicopter. Blood pressure of the CM was checked, and was reported normal. Soon after, the CM tweeted the following video –

Mr Chetan Patil, CMs Media advisor was also with him on the helicopter. He had received minor injuries, which were well treated with first aid. Along with the CM there were a total of five people on board. All are safe. Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) stated that the helicopter is badly damaged. An enquiry has been ordered.