Help road accident victims and the government will protect you
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Help road accident victims and the government will protect you


Govt. of India is not only working towards making cars safer, but also looking at other avenues which result in high number of road deaths. As per a recent report, over 1.46 lakh people died on Indian roads in 2015. This means, one individual dies every 3.6 minutes.

Surprisingly, most die due to negligence, be it driver or pedestrian, but a considerable number of people also die because they did not receive medical attention in time.

Maruti Vitara Brezza Crash

There have been cases where people are seen bleeding on the road post a crash, but no one will come forward to take them to a nearby hospital. Those who want to help, the most they will do is either call cops or a hospital. But there will hardly be anyone who will come forward and take the crash victims to a hospital where they could receive medical attention.

It is difficult for ambulances to reach to accident site in time, especially if its on a highway where the number of hospitals are few. Thus it is important if people who are at the scene of the accident come forward and take the victims to a nearby hospital.

Karnataka is set to become the first state to legislate a state law for the protection of people who help road accident victims. This historic decision taken by the Karnataka Government will put an end to the fear of police harassment, hospital detention, and repeated court appearances that bystanders have in helping victims of road crashes and other emergency situations.


In addition to this, Govt. of India has approved the proposal to take action against such drivers who refuse to take accident victims to hospital. Such drivers could be jailed for a term of 6 months or fined upto INR 2,000.

Apart from this, under the new proposal which has now been approved, road fines will go as high as INR 10,000 or two years jail. On the spot suspension of driving license has also been approved for offences like dangerous driving, speeding, using mobile phone while driving / riding, jumping signals, not wearing helmet or drunk driving.

In Delhi, these new rules have already been implemented. In the last six months, over 3 lakh driving licenses have been suspended. Hopefully, these rules will bring road sense and driving manners to Indian roads.