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Hero Electric Scooter Charging Time Under 15 Minutes – In Development

Hero Electric scooter charging
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Hero Electric and Log9 partnership leads to development of RapidEV electric scooter variants that can be charged in less than 15 minutes

When it comes to electric scooters, range anxiety is a key concern. With new electric tech in abundance, the process to large scale adaption to electric vehicles can be smoothened through dependable charging solutions.

Hero Electric has made rapid progress in terms of market share progression. With their market reach on expansion mode, it’s imperative that charging networks grow at the same pace.

Hero Electric’s partnership with Log9 will boost charging in less than 15 minutes for RapidEV electric scooters. Full charge in 15 minutes will be possible through Log9’s InstaCharge RapidX batteries. In theory, this development makes them the fastest-charging electric scooters.

Electric Scooter Charging Time – Battery-as-a-Service (BASS)

The partnership affords ‘Log9 InstaCharging battery packs for its entire range of EVs’. Log9’s cell-to-pack competency has enabled nine times faster charging, better performance, lower battery degradation, and battery life. The coveted batteries in question will be made available through outright sales and Battery-as-a-Service (BASS) business models.

Hero Electric joins hands with Log 9 Materials
Hero Electric joins hands with Log 9 Materials

Commercial fleet operators can optimise operational performance of Instacharge battery packs at nominal monthly rates. RapidX batteries have undergone pilot tests and certification through multiple B2B fleet operators. The commitment to B2B last-mile delivery sector revolves in benefits through operational cost reduction, and lower emissions. With last mile delivery success lies in timely deliveries in logistics, rapid charging is a key turnaround consideration.

Log9 RapidX batteries

Log9 RapidX batteries can operate across a temp range of -30° to 60° C. Operational life is listed at over 10 years. Safety commitments are focused on batteries not catching fire catch fire. They are designed to remain safe under extreme temperature, and demanding charging and driving conditions.

Sohinder Gill, CEO, Hero Electric, said, “Unlike Petrol, the charge on a E2W is limited, leading to shorter driving range. In the year 2019, we launched bikes with an option of doubling the range. All our bikes also have easily removable batteries and many of our customers are now charging their portable batteries while at workplace or in their apartments.

Some of the B2B businesses however wanted to run the bikes continuously for longer hours with a minimal interruption in their delivery operations. It is for such customers that we now offer bikes with the Log9 batteries that can be fast charged while the driver is having his cup of tea. This game-changing association will maximise the returns on the logistics operations of these B2B businesses.”

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