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Hero March 2021 Sales, Exports Breakup – Splendor, Passion, Maestro, Destini

Hero Splendor Sales Breakup March 2021
Hero Splendor

Hero MotoCorp domestic wholesales and exports growth reported for March 2021

March 2021 saw Hero MotoCorp report total wholesales at over 5 lakh units. The feat is no ordinary one, and the manufacturer was able to hit the target multiple times through FY21. More than half of its domestic sales cam from Hero Splendor.

Sales is reported at 2.8 lakh units, up from 1,43,736 units YoY. Volume gain stood at 1,36,354 units. HF Deluxe contributed to a little over 26 percent in sales. Sales is reported at 1,44,505 units, up from 1,14,969 units. Volume gain stood at a little below 30k units at growth of 25.69 percent.

Hero MotoCorp has a strong grip on the mass market commuter motorcycle market, and this is demonstrated through the sheer volume of its leading two-wheeler lineup. The manufacturer also sells a small number of scooters. While the bulk of its monthly sales is contributed by the success of Splendor and HF Deluxe, the remainder of its motorcycles and scooters make up for the remainder of its sales.

Glamour, Passion and Pleasure sales

Hero Glamour, Passion, and Pleasure sales accounted for about 91k units. Glamour sales was up at 32,371 units, up from 12,713 units. Volume gain stood at almost 20k units to account for about 6 percent of domestic sales.

Hero Domestic Sales - March 2021
Hero Domestic Sales – March 2021

Passion sales grew to just over 30k units from just under 18k units. Volume gain is reported at 12,527 units. It’s share in total sales was also pegged at just under 6 percent. Pleasure scooter sales grew to 28,516 units, up from 13,898 units at volume gain of 14,618 units.

Destini 125 sales crossed the 14k units mark from a little under 10k units. YoY sales growth stood at 47.47 percent at volume gain of 4.5k units. Maestro sales reached 8k units, up from 3.5k units. Volume gain stood at 4,467 units.

Xtreme 160R sales stood at 3,840 units. And XPulse 200 sales at 2,485 units. In total, domestic wholesales grew to 5,44,340 units at 12.37 percent YoY growth. Volume gain stood at about 60k units, up from 4,84,433 units.

Hero Exports - March 2021
Hero Exports – March 2021

Hero MotoCorp March 2021 exports

While Hero MotoCorp enjoys great market prominence in India, exports are seemingly low as compared to its closest competitors. This sees Bajaj and TVS enjoy far more volumes in exports though domestic sales remains lower than Hero MotoCorp. HF Deluxe rules the export log at just over 9k units.

The manufacturer’s biggest volume product Splendor sees exports at 7,106 units. Achiever exports are reported at 4,573 units, and that of Xtreme 150 at 3,319 units. Hunk exports fell to 2,375 units. Pulse 200 exports grew to 2,375 units. The remainder of the export wagon saw numbers below 1,000 units each. Exports for the month grew to 32,617, up from 21,034 units at volume gain of 11,583 units.

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