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Hero MotoCorp Model Wise Sales Feb 2021- Splendor, Passion, Destini, Maestro

Hero Splendor
Hero Splendor

Hero Splendor is the company’s best-selling two-wheeler in both domestic and overseas markets

The two-wheeler segment in India continues to find many takers despite a brief lull caused due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With a revival of demand, sales of two-wheelers have increased as well. Hero MotoCorp, as we all know, leads this segment in India by a fair margin.

Domestic Sales- Splendor, HF Deluxe Lead

The company sold as many as 4,84,405 two-wheelers in February 2021 which is slightly more than what it sold during the same period in 2020. In February last year, the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer sold 4,80,849 units. Thus it recorded an overall growth of 0.74 percent in the domestic market.

Hero’s entry-level motorcycle Splendor continued to lead the charts with a sales figure of 2,47,422 units last month against last year’s 2,15,196 units. Thereby, it registered YoY growth of 14.98 percent. It was followed by another entry-level bike from Hero- the HF Deluxe which raked in 1,26,309 units last month as opposed to 1,75,997 units sold in February last year. This resulted in a YoY decline in sales by 28.23 percent.

The brand sold 34,417 units of Passion Pro last month which is slightly lesser than the previous year’s 34,797 units. This translates to YoY degrowth of 1.09 percent. Glamor registered a decline in sales by 23.43 percent as it registered sales of 27,375 last month which is 8,377 units less than what Hero sold during the same period last year.

Hero MotoCorp Model Wise Sales Feb 2021
Hero MotoCorp Model Wise Sales Feb 2021

Scooters Post Strong Numbers

The manufacturer’s scooters Pleasure (23,106 units), Destini (12,031 units) and Maestro (5,899 units) occupied the fifth, sixth and seven spots respectively. All three scooters registered sizable YoY growths of 173.93 percent, 64.72 percent and 180.64 percent respectively.

Hero’s latest addition to its armoury- Xtreme 160R, took the fourth spot with sales of 4,985 units. The previous iteration of the sporty commuter motorcycle recorded sales of 605 units in February 2020, thus resulting in YoY growth of 723.97 percent. The company’s sole adventure tourer Xpulse 200 registered sales of 2,861 units.

Export Numbers Grow

Hero fared slightly better in exports in terms of YoY growth. In February this year, it shipped 21,034 units to overseas markets in comparison to last year’s 18,046 units. This resulted in a growth of 16.56 percent. Splendor recorded the highest exports of 6,631 units against last year’s 5,993 units during the same month. Therefore, it recorded a YoY growth of 12.71 percent.

Hero MotoCorp Model Wise Exports Feb 2021
Hero MotoCorp Model Wise Exports Feb 2021

Xtreme 150 which was discontinued in India last year, continues to be shipped overseas. Last month it recorded sales of 3,229 units which translated to a massive YoY growth of 797 percent. HF Deluxe (2,444 units) registered YoY degrowth of 24.71 percent while Xpulse 200 recorded a healthy YoY growth of 168.97 percent. Achiever (1,869 units) recorded the highest YoY growth of 309.87 percent as far as exports are concerned.

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