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Hero MotoCorp sales break up Dec 2019 – Splendor, HF Deluxe, Pleasure

Hero Splendor BS6

While manufacturers are combatting sales slowdown, some are struggling less than others. For Hero, the usual suspects continue to dominate the leaderboard.

Hero MotoCorp reports 5.78 percent sales decline for December 2019, down to 4,12,009 units from 4,37,275 units. MoM sales decline is much steeper at 18.74 percent decline, down from 5,07,051 units. Hero Splendor sales were in fact up at 8.58 percent at 1,93,726 units, up from 1,78,726 units. MoM sales though fell by almost 30k units, down 13.17 percent from 2,23,109 units.

HF Deluxe continues to rein in at second spot. Having sold 1,38,951 units, sales however has declined by 15.95 percent, down from 1,65,321 units. MoM sales decline is lower at 12.91 percent, down from 1,59,544 units having lost a volume of 20,593 units. Both aforementioned bikes make up the major chunk of Hero sales.

Hero MotoCorp sales break up Dec 2019

Hero Glamour has climbed a spot at third place. Sales growth is reported at 8.45 percent, up at 28,606 units from 26,377 units. MoM sales decline stands at 34.4 percent having lost more than a third of its volume from 43,370 units sold in November 2019. Passion sales declined by 8.96 percent. With this it lost a spot on the list, and is down to fourth spot. Sales fell to 26,960 down from 29,614 units. MoM sales decline is as high as 31.79 percent, down from 39,525 units.

Hero Pleasure sales grew by 69.38 percent. Sales is up at 26,960 units, up from 6,725 units. MoM sales decline is at a steep 38.34 percent, down from 18,474 units having lost 7,083 units in volume sales. Maestro sales is down 42.56 percent, down at 3,608 units from 6,281 units. MoM sales declined almost by half. Sales fell 49.49 percent, down from 7,143 units.

Hero Destini witnessed the worst decline, down 80.49 percent. Sales is down to 3,388 units from 17,364 units. MoM sales fell by 56.25 percent, down from 7,744 units. Duet sales fell by more than half at 56.18 percent, down to 2,415 units from 5,511 units. MoM sales fell from 2,732 units at a difference of 317 units.

Hero Xpulse 200 saes is reported at 2,311 units. In November 2019, sales was reported at 2,936 units. Xtreme 200R sales too fell by more than half. Sales is down to less than a 1,000 units. At sales decline of 54.59 percent, sales is down to 653 units from 1,438 units MoM sales fell from 1,237 units. Xtreme sales were at nought. The month earlier sales was reported at 1,237 units.

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