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Hero MotoCorp Smart Sunglasses Launched at Rs 2,999

India’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer, Hero MotoCorp appears to be aggressively pursuing the accessories segment

Its latest offering is Bluetooth enabled ‘Smart Sunglasses’ that come with a range of features. This is in line with the company’s strategy to offer something more to its customers, even as its reliable, durable, fuel-efficient and cost effective bikes continue to be bestsellers.

Hero Smart Sunglasses are designed to significantly improve ride experience. These can be wirelessly connected to the user’s smartphone to access music, radio, and hands free calling. Finding your way to a destination also becomes easier, as the sunglasses can be used for turn by turn navigation. This will reduce the need to look at the mobile screen, thereby enhancing safety for the rider.

Hero MotoCorp Smart Sunglasses
Hero MotoCorp Smart Sunglasses

Customers choosing Hero’s Smart Sunglasses can expect effective protection for their eyes, as the glasses are made from 100% UV protected polarised lens. This is at par with most other UV certified products available in the market. The sunglasses come with open ear sound technology and utilize high-end CSR Bluetooth chipset. Customers can expect good sound quality, as the sunglasses are equipped with the latest Bluetooth 4.1 speakers.

As sunglasses are often used as a style accessory, Hero has ensured that its Smart Sunglasses come across as trendy and chic. The curves are aesthetically designed the angles appear to be just perfect to ensure a snug fit. The sunglasses are largely based on the classic design that has some quintessential features such as smooth curves and a thick frame across the lens.

The only change can be seen in the temples, which are a lot wider and thicker in comparison to classic sunglasses.  The temples hold the speakers and Bluetooth system. Another great thing about Hero’s Smart Sunglasses is that it’s easy to put these on and take it off. This will definitely come handy when riding a two-wheeler.

With its Smart Sunglasses, Hero has also done away with the need to carry multiple accessories. These effectively eliminate the hassle of carrying accessories such as sunglasses and earphones. Hero Smart Sunglasses will be most suitable for use with open-face helmets.

Hero Smart Sunglasses are currently retailing at a price of Rs 2,999. At this price point, these sunglasses appear to be a bit pricier, especially for commuter bike users that form the largest chunk of Hero’s customer base. These are available at Hero dealerships and can also be purchased online from the company’s e-store.

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