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Hero Splendor, HF Deluxe BS4 discontinued ahead of BS6 launch

Hero Splendor discontinued
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Hero MotorCorp has pulled the plug when it comes to production of more than 50 variants of its BS4 motorcycles and scooters. This includes the Splendor and the HF Deluxe range. This is a huge step, as the Splendor and HF Deluxe range manages to generate sales of about 4.5 lakhs units every month for the company.

Hero MotoCorp has fielded an interim council that oversees its transition to BSVI emission norms. The new norms are mandated from April 1, 2020. With transition being a timebound focus now, Hero MotoCorp has discontinued its BSIV Splendor, HF Delux, Glamour, and Pleasure variants.

In quicktime, more vehicle lines will be axed. This has been informed to the company’s expansive dealer network. With Hero ruling the roost when it comes to two wheeler sales, it’s only expected that the company draft a smooth transition as it involves a more than gargantuan number of stakeholders.

Hero MotoCorp sales chart Oct 2019
Hero MotoCorp sales Oct 2019.

Hero MotoCorp interim council that will oversee BSVI includes Malo Le Masson, head of global product planning and Niranjan Gupta, Chief Financial Officer. Hero has already launched their first BS6 product – the Splendor Smart i3S. But with deadline fast approaching, the two wheeler maker is in a race against time in order to update their entire line-up to meet BS6 norms.

From April 1, 2020, the automotive industry strives to manufacture vehicles with lower emissions. Though it’s not certain, how quickly the mandate will help warrant positive results, but the mandate is a big step towards change and global commitments of less pollutants.

Upon transition, registration of BSIV vehicles will come to naught. This however does not effect the vast multitude of BSIV vehicles already registered till D-Day that will continue to ply for their lifetime. Another effect of this transition will be the expected increase in price points for BSVI vehicles, and an altogether familiar pattern of discounts being offered on BSIV vehicles to ensure cent percent stock clearance.

Apart from a smooth transition of their products to BS6, Hero is also aware of the electric vehicles market picking up momentum in the country. Though Hero MotoCorp has no electric vehicles on offer currently, they do own a considerable stake in the Ather Energy, makers of electric scooter.


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