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Hero Splendor Electric Conversion Kit Demand High – GoGoA1

Hero Splendor Electric
Hero Splendor Electric

EV Conversion Kit company GoGoA1 announces footprint expansion to 50+ franchises across India

An EV conversion kit does exactly what it says. And for it to be dependable, it must be RTO approved. Most recently such kits were mentioned in relation to older cars plying in NCR streets.

With such vehicles falling foul to current norms of worthiness to ply on roads, such vehicles could get a new lease of life if they were converted to EVs. The idea sounds good. The problem however is complex considering there are no OEMs who manufacture and sell such EV conversion kits.

GoGoA1 is empanelled by Delhi Government under compliance with National Green Tribunal(NGT). This makes them the only company from Maharashtra to participate in a process to convert 10 year old Hero Splendor motorcylces into electric vehicles. Hero Splendor Electric Conversion Kit cost is about Rs 35k. Range claimed is up to 151 kms.

This in turn benefits existing motorcycle owners as one can continue to use the bike for longer. Life span increase estimation of existing vehicles is at about 5-7 years. These would also not fall into the new scrappage policy.

Hero Splendor Electric
Hero Splendor Electric

Policy support for retrofitting companies

Current laws pertaining to retrofitting are stringent. Only authorized state agencies can install the retrofit kits. For this to be a robust platform teeming with tech and innovation, more RTO Approved companies should be recognised.

Policy support for retrofitting companies from governing bodies is a need. Such kits convert current vehicles into being EV capable without adding new vehicles. Extending the life of vehicles that are at risk from the new scrappage policy could still be kept on the road.

Keeping in mind potential demand, private players have entered the market. In recent years, EVs are an important part of future mobility discussions. Given potential demand, the two wheeler market in India has seen a spurt of new entrants at the manufacturing end.

Petrol to electric conversion kit by GoGoA1
Petrol to electric conversion kit by GoGoA1

Never before has such a large multitude of two wheelers manufacturers entered the marketplace in such quicktime. And while this transition begins, the opportunity for transitioning could be made easy through retrofitted kits.

50+ franchises

GoGoA1, a Mumbai based entity offers a RTO-Approved Electric Conversion Kit for motorcycles. And they say, demand has increased by 60 percent since the announcement. Since demand for EVs is already increasing, more-so for two-wheelers, it’s but natural that the company’s retrofit kit is filling the gap for smoother transitions. GoGoA1 is focused on ‘transformation of existing fuel 2 wheelers, 3-wheelers, and cars into electric-powered technologies by creating hybrid and complete conversion kits’.

Shrikant Shinde, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, GoGoA1 shared, “We have a strong footprint of franchise networks with over 50+ franchises registered pan India in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, West Bengal, Delhi and across India”. For all the franchise owners GoGoA1 provides options including partnering for installation of the conversion kit, battery swapping and leasing the vehicle”.

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