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Hero Splendor beats Honda Activa in H1 2019 sales – Becomes No 1 two wheeler

Hero Splendor sales

In June 2019, sales of the Hero Splendor stood at 2,42,743 units followed by sales of the Honda Activa at 2,36,739 units. It was not only in the past month. In the first 5 out of 6 months of the calendar year, total sales of the Hero Splendor have surpassed that of the Honda Activa.

Except for the month of May 2019, Hero Splendor sales have been higher than that of Honda Activa sales in every month of H1 2019. Total sales of the Hero Splendor and Honda Activa over the 6 month period from Jan-June 2019 stood at 13,80,306 units and 12,33,216 units respectively, a difference of 1,47,090 units.

The Hero Splendor started off the year with higher sales as compared to that of the Activa. Sales in January 2019 were at 2,23,909 units as compared to sales of the Activa which stood at 2,13,302 units. This was just a difference of 10,607 units for a start but then the difference widened in February 2019 to 39,002 units with 2,44,241 units of the Splendor sold as against 2,05,239 units of Activa scooter sold in the same month, a difference of 19 percent.

In March 2019, the difference went up to 98,415 units and 66.39 percent. In that month, sales of the Hero Splendor stood at 2,46,656 units as compared to sales of 1,48,241 units. Sales of the Hero Splendor dipped in April 2019 to 2,23,532 units, but was still higher by 5.96 percent or 12,571 units over sales of 2,10,961 units of Honda Activa.

Sales of the Splendor in May fell to 1,99,225 units and was the only month in the past 6 months where the Activa had an upper hand with sales of 2,18,734 units over the Splendor. Thereafter, sales are back on track in June 2019, when sales stood at 2,42,743 units as compared to sales of 2,36,739 units of the Honda Activa.

Taking into account sales in the same period of the previous year, it can be noted that the Honda Activa was more in favour among buyers as compared to the Hero Splendor. In the January to June 2018 period, sales of the Splendor stood at 15,57,309 units as compared to 16,03,346 units of the Honda Activa sold. This trend continued through all 4 out of 6 months except for May and March 2018 when sales of the Splendor surpassed that of the Activa.

Honda Activa has been the highest selling two wheeler in India with over 60 lakh units sold over the past two financial years. The period April 2018 to March 2019 period saw a total of 30,08,334 units sold, still crossing the 30 lakh mark despite sales coming down 4.6 percent from FY 2018 wherein 31,54,030 units were sold. With Hero Splendor gaining in sales in the first 6 months of this calendar year, will it manage to beat Activa in yearly sales as well?

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