Kawasaki rider cutting lanes and over-speeding meets fate - Video
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Kawasaki rider cutting lanes and overspeeding meets fate – Video

A Kawasaki rider, with his girlfriend as a pillion has crashed into a parked car.


While out on the highways, we have often seen people who give no regard to safety. Be it a car or bike, there are some who indulge in overspeeding, cutting lanes, overtaking from the wrong side, etc.

Such riders and drivers not only put their life at stake, but also of those who are travelling with them and that of people on the road. One such incident has now emerged which shows how a Kawasaki rider with his girlfriend as pillion met with an accident.

The Kawasaki rider was cutting lanes and overtaking at high speed. The car in front of him, slowed down and was trying to take a left, because there was a car in front that had broken down. But this the Kawasaki rider failed to notice as he was at a high speed and coming from the left lane. By the time he noticed the broken down car, it was too late. He collided into the car at high speed, while his girlfriend was thrown couple of feet into the air.

Overspeeding, cutting lanes is not only dangerous for bikers, but also for car drivers. Watch the video below where a car driver makes a similar mistake.

Such incidents have happened in India as well. Recently, Himanshu Bansal, a 24 year old businessman and resident of Vivek Vihar in East Delhi lost his life when he was racing along with his friends on superbike. The accident took place when Bansal tried to avoid a pedestrian crossing the street. He too was cutting lanes and overtaking while the accident took place. Watch the video below.

He was racing with his friends while riding a Benelli TNT600i on the streets of Sikandar Road in Central Delhi on Monday night when he lost control of the bike. The Benelli crashed into a wall at the Lady Irwin College. The elderly man was injured in the accident while Bansal lost his life.

A case of negligent and rash driving has been registered as per witness’s accounts and action is also being initiated against the friends who were racing along with Bansal on their respective bikes. Go-Pro camera fitted to the helmets of one of the riders shows that the bike wobbled while trying to avoid the pedestrian.

Police report that the Benelli was at speeds of over 100 kmph. Bansal was thrown against the wall after the impact and his bike spun for around 100 meters before coming to a halt. Bansal’s face and head were crushed and he was declared dead even as the police moved him to JPN hospital.

Bansal and his friends, Lakshay and Gazi, all 24 years of age were partying at a club in Connaught Place prior to the accident. They left the party and decided to race to their homes in Vivek Vihar and took the Pragati Maidan, Bhairon Marg and Ring Road route towards their residence. It was at the Mandi House Metro station that the mad crossed the road causing Bansal to lose control of the bike.

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