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Honda 2W Sales Breakup Nov 2022 – Activa, Shine, Unicorn, Dio

Honda Two wheeler exports fell 18 percent in December 2022; Domestic sales improved by 38 percent

New Honda Activa Sales Nov 2022
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As a leading domestic manufacturer, Honda two-wheelers offers a range of vehicles. For the longest time, Honda has stood in growth territory, driven by the popularity of Activa. Honda has introduced new models in the mid-segment in recent years. In November 2022, domestic sales were reported at 3,53,553 units, up from 2,56,174 units. Volume gain was just shy of a lakh units at 38 percent growth.

Activa remains the golden egg laying goose at 1,75,084 units. Volume growth stood at 51k units, up from 1,24,082 units at 41 percent growth. CB Shine sales crossed a lakh at 1,14,965 units, up from 83,622 units. Volume growth was at 31k units at 37.5 percent growth.

Honda 2W Sales Breakup Nov 2022

Unicorn sales almost doubled at 28,729 units, up from 15,555 units. Volume gain stood at 13,174 units at 84.69 percent. Dio sales too almost doubled up at 16,102 units from 8,522 units. Volume gain stood at 7,580 units at 88.95 percent growth.

Livo sales fell from 7,416 units to 6,089 units. Volume decline stood at 17.89 percent at volume loss of 1,327 units. Dream units sales fell to 4,613 units from almost 8k units. Grazia sales fell to less than half down at 2,579 units from 5,448 units. Hness CB350 sales were at 2k units down from 2.3k units. Hornet 2.0 sales were reported at 1,655 units. CB300R sales were reported at 367 units. CB200X sales fell to 93 units. 11 units of CBR 650 were sold, and a single GoldWing.

Honda 2W Domestic Sales Breakup Nov 2022
Honda 2W Domestic Sales Breakup Nov 2022

While Honda is a major two-wheeler manufacturer in India, it’s significant business presence in the domestic market isn’t replicated in the export business. Over time, Honda has exported a wide range of two-wheelers from India to markets around the world, including motorcycles, and scooters. And the rather new Navi, a modern iteration of an advanced moped, which sadly only survived a few short years in India.

Honda 2W Exports Breakup Nov 2022

As a brand, Honda enjoys a strong global presence. And has built a reputation for producing high-quality, reliable vehicles. Exports from India aren’t high volume. Last month this number stood at below 20k units.

Navi led from the front at 7,345 units at 5 percent decline. Dio exports fell by 20 percent, down to 3,655 units from 4,595 units. X-Blade numbers improved to 2,352 units, up from 2,080 units. CB Shine volumes fell by 1k units, down at 1,913 units from 2,960 units. Unicorn exports improved by more than half, up at 1,680 units from 1,104 units. 

Honda 2W Exports Breakup Nov 2022
Honda 2W Exports Breakup Nov 2022

Livo exports were up at 1.4k units from 1.1k units. Hornet 160R volumes improved by 200 units, up at 924 units. Activa, which sells in lakhs in India, had 312 takes overseas. Dream exports fell significantly, down at 100 units from 1.3k units. Total exports for the month fell to 19,681 units, down from 24,211 units at 18.71 percent decline. Volume decline stood at 4,530 units.

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