Honda Amaze diesel sedan Drive to Discover 4: Trivandrum to Kolkata

honda amaze diesel drive to discoverHonda India introduced Drive to Discover back in 2010. During the first year’s edition, it was their best selling car, City, which took participants on a journey across the country. Spread over a month, the first edition of Drive to Discover travelled from Jammu to Kanyakumari. In the second edition, Brio joined City to discover the famous Mumbai – Goa route, while in the third edition, it was their Brio which travelled from Jammu to Trivandrum.

Speaking about Drive to Discover, Jnaneswar Sen, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, HSCI said, “We are excited about the Drive to Discover rally which is a great way to discover the incredible diversity that India offers. I am sure the drivers will discover many facets of the country and also of the Honda Brio throughout this drive! The drive is also a good opportunity for us to showcase Honda’s large dealer network spread across the country.”

The fourth edition of Honda Drive to Discover will begin from Trivandrum and end in Kolkata. It will be a three leg relay, Trivandrum-Chennai, Chennai-Vizag and Vizag-Kolkata. Honda says, “Drive to Discover 4 will showcase ‘Honda’s Diesel Revolution’ through its best in class technology –The i-DTEC diesel engine (Amaze).”

“Drive to discover is a relay drive conceptualized and organized by Honda Cars India Ltd., and is a blend of adventure and driving pleasure as the participants will experience India in all its glory from the lush green countryside to its vibrant cities. During the drive, participants will traverse through mountainous terrains, beaches, flat highways, congested city roads and the interiors of India. The drive will also showcase the durability and reliability of Honda Amaze through this diverse terrain,” adds Honda.