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Honda CB350 Modified Into Racing Motorcycle – Weight Reduced

Although modified CB350 uses the stock engine, performance will be better owing to reduced weight of the bike

Honda CB350 Modified
Honda CB350 Modified. Image – Young Machine

One of the leading providers of high performance products and motorcycle accessories, Japan-based Moriwaki Engineering has undertaken several notable customization projects in the past. Their latest creation is a track-ready version of Honda H’ness CB350 nicknamed Tetsuba. Just for information, Tetsuba is a club-like weapon with spikes, probably used centuries earlier.

Track-ready modified Honda CB350

Unlike other customization projects that don’t have a specific end goal, this Tetsuba CB350 has been specially designed for the upcoming Tesuuma race. Much of the changes are not mere visual enhancements, but have been carried out to improve the bike’s performance in a track environment.

Talking about the paint job, modified CB350 gets the signature Moriwaki blue and yellow theme. This colour scheme is part of their brand identity and can also be seen on the company’s logo. The blue shade is predominant, as evident on the front fender, fuel tank, full-size belly pan, side panels and seat section. The yellow bits work to create an interesting contrast.

In terms of functional improvements, a number of parts have been removed or replaced to make the modified bike a lot lighter. For example, front mud guard has been replaced with a smaller unit whereas the rear mudguard has been completely removed.

Honda CB350 Modified
Honda CB350 Modified

The number board is placed on the side. Another key change is custom full-system upswept exhaust, which is compact and appears to be lightweight in comparison to the stock unit. The bike also gets NGK spark plugs for improved performance.

Ride ergonomics has been completely transformed with a single piece seat, rear set footpegs and low-set clip-on handlebar. Other components like the round headlamp, instrument console and suspension system have been retained in their original form. It is possible that some changes may have been introduced in the suspension setup to make it stiffer. Parts like rear view mirrors and turn signals have been removed.

Another performance boost comes from 17-inch front wheel, replacing the stock 19-inch unit. Rear wheel is the same size as stock variant. Both wheels get Pirelli SuperCorsa tyres, which are specially designed for tracks.

Honda CB350 Modified
Honda CB350 Modified

No engine tweaks

Moriwaki Engineering has capabilities to retune the engine for improved performance, as needed for racing events. However, this has not been done, as per the regulations of the upcoming Tesuuma race. Modified CB350 will continue to deliver 21 PS of max power and 30 Nm of peak torque. The engine is mated to a 5-speed gearbox. It is likely that the ECU has also been retained in its original form.

While this is a race-specific customization project, it is possible that the same look and feel could be made available for enthusiasts via bolt-on kits. Such kits could soon be offered on Moriwaki’s official website.

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