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New Honda CBR 150R modified to look like a CBR 250RR – Photos

Indonesia got two really good bikes from Honda this year. Not sticker job like we get in India, but two new bikes – CBR150R and CBR250RR. The former was launched earlier this year, while the latter was launched a few weeks ago.

One of the CBR150R owners in Indonesia, is in the limelight. The reason – instead of buying a new 250RR, he has gone ahead and modified his 150R, to look like the 250RR. And he has done a fantastic job at that. Though performance-wise they are not comparable, as far as looks is concerned, the owner deserves an applause.

Below are the list of modifications carried out by the owner of CBR150R, and the cost involved.

1. Fairing = CBR 250RR + Visor
2. Cover of the tank = Custom New CB150R
3. Reflector + Lamp = Projie
4. DRL: LED Plasma
5. Frame Spedo Applications New CB150R
6. Side
7. Rearview
8. Fender front
9. Brecket, Bolts & Stand Fairing
10. Rear Body Ala New CBR150 facelift
11. Single & Double Seat Sitter
12. Custom LED Stop Lamp By AMJ
13. Aki undertail + Stand + Lock Seat
14. The rear mudguard like CBR250RR
15. Luminaries license plate + Cat’s Eye


– Fairing Front Rp 3.000.000 (INR 15,112)
– Cover tank Rp 400.000 (INR 2,022)
– Body + Rear Rp 1.500.000 (INR 7,584)
– Mudguard CBR250RR replicas Rp 250.000 (INR 1,264)
– Winglet Custom Rp 250.000 (INR 1,264)

Total budget mods = Rp 5.400.000 (INR 27,303)

Not bad. In an additional INR 27k, the owner has gotten himself a bike which costs twice as much as the original. (CBR 150R costs INR 1.65 lakh while the CBR 250RR costs INR 3.2 lakh).

2016 Honda CBR 150R was launched in Indonesia earlier this year. Compared to the CBR150R on sale in India, the new one is not only visibly different, but is also different mechanically. Priced between IDR 32.5 million (INR 1.65 lakhs) and IDR 33.3 million (INR 1.70 lakhs), new CBR 150R is lighter, sportier and faster than ever before.

2016 Honda CBR150R sports a host of onboard updates. It gets a more aggressive stance with front fairing featuring all-LED headlights, LED turn indicators, digital instrument cluster, LED taillights, split seats with rear seat cowl shorter than before.

2016 Honda CRB150R as it continues to be powered by the same 150cc liquid cooled engine, which generates 17.1 PS power at 9,000 rpm and 13.7 Nm torque at 7,000 rpm mated to a 6 speed gearbox, Honda claims that the engine is more refined to deliver better response. A lighter chassis and repositioned engine offers better handling onboard the 2016CBR150R. Apart from this, improvements in aerodynamics have resulted in a higher top speed and enhanced fuel efficiency.

Speaking about the Honda CBR250RR, Honda’s latest machine, it is the most powerful bike in the segment. Power output stands at 28.5 kW (38,7PS) @ 12,500 rpm and maximum torque of 23.3 Nm (2.4 kgf.m ) @ 11,000 rpm. Honda CBR250RR is priced at approximately INR 3.2 lakh in Indonesia.

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