Honda files patent for Blind Spot Detection System on bikes

Motorcycles traditionally lag behind cars when it comes to implementation of modern safety features but the good thing is, technologies with proven benefits eventually make it on board. For example, the ABS which filtered down from cars to two-wheelers is no doubt a boon. On similar lines, Honda has filed a patent for Blind Spot Detection System on bikes.

The patent schematics show a Honda VFR1200 but the technology would be made available across different motorcycles when its market-ready. Here is how it works: The system consists of numerous sensors all around the motorcycle to create a 360-degree field which we like to call as comfort zone. If an object or a vehicle finds its way within this comfort zone, based on its location, the rider would receive both visual and haptic signals so that he/she can have better awareness on what’s going around.

Honda Blind Sport Detection System on bikes patent skech
The system provides both visual and haptic feedback.

This system would come in handy on a busy highway or even in heavy urban traffic. The visual feedback may come from a warning indicator on the instrument console while the haptic feedback would be channelled via handle bar grips, foot pegs, knee pads and seats in the form of vibration.

Honda VRF1200F
The Honda VFR1200F has been used as the platform to file this patent.

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The modern premium motorcycles are becoming increasingly dependent of electronic control systems so adding Blind Sport Detection System wouldn’t be too much of an effort or a stretch.

Honda CBR500R Vamos custom – Photos

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