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Honda Jazz Anniversary Drive – Jaipur to Samode Palace with a twist

New-generation Honda Jazz has completed its first year in India. Offered in a choice of petrol and diesel engine options, new Jazz is one of the most successful offerings from Honda Car India. In its first year, Honda sold 47,335 units of Jazz (almost 12,000 units of which were CVT variants) in India.

Apart from being a best-seller, Jazz also enjoys a special place in the heart of its makers and fans. To celebrate this special car, Honda Car India organized a special drive from Jaipur to Samode.

The day started with us reaching Jaipur (hardly 200 kms from Tapukara, where the Jazz is manufactured). By noon, everyone who was part of this drive, had congregated at a hotel in Jaipur. Post lunch, we were given a brief description about the day ahead.

Soon the fleet of five Honda Jazz were flagged off from Jaipur. Our task for Day 1 was to reach Samode Palace, which was about 60 kms from the start point. To make our drive more interesting, Honda officials had arranged some exciting activities enroute.

An empty plot land, just outside the walls of Samode Palace, was our first pit stop. Here, we were split into five teams and given three tasks which were to be performed as a team.

The first task at hand was to utilize the versatile storage space of Honda Jazz. In this task, using Jazz’s Magic Seats, we had to place a cycle inside the car, some pots of plants, and make a person sleep completely flat with cushion under his head and cover him with a blanket. All three had to be done in sequence.

In order to finish this task, first we lowered the rear seats, placed the cycle in Jazz’ boot. After removing the cycle, the rear seats were back in its original position. We then lifted the thigh support and placed the pots in the space between front and rear seats. For the third task, we used the front passenger seat, which was reclined 180 degrees and headrest removed. Our team managed to perform all three in just 48 seconds!

Second task for the day was to fit luggage of different sizes into the boot of Honda Jazz. Depending on the size of the luggage, you were awarded points. The team which manages to score the most, wins. We managed to fit in one full-sized suitcase and four small one’s.

After seeing the photos above, if you are wondering that why an empty plot of land was arranged for these activities as the same could have been performed in the parking lot of the hotel in Jaipur or at the Samode Palace, well here comes task no 3.

In task 3, each team member had to do a slalom run over the parking cones. If you touch a cone or miss doing a slalom over a cone, penalty of 10 seconds was added to your time. The team which manages to finish the slalom in least time, wins.

The point of performing the three tasks above was to show us how versatile and fun car Honda Jazz is. Not only it has great storage options, but it is also a powerful and efficient family car. With the tasks completed, all teams headed to Samode Palace, where we were also going to spend the night.

Located about 60 kms north of Jaipur, Samode Palace is a four-century old architectural beauty which has reminisce of Mughal as well as Rajasthani art. Hidden among the hills, the palace takes you far away from modern day civilization. Below is a short video of how we were welcomed at the Samode Palace.

After a brief discussion about the day, all of us retired to our respective rooms for a few hours. In the evening, Honda Car India had arranged for a cultural program inside the Durbar Hall of the Palace which was followed by Rajasthani dinner.

Next day, our job was to drive the Jazz back to Jaipur, but in ‘The Amazing Race’ style. Similar to the globally hit TV series, we were given a clue at the start of the race. Our job was to find the answer, perform the task, and get the next clue. In all, there were five tasks to be done. The team which finishes first, will be announced winner. Honda called this activity ‘Jazzing in Jaipur’.

After a group photo, all participants were flagged off from Samode Palace. Below are the instructions and our first clue.

After a brief discussion, and searching on Google, we figured the place hidden in the clue is Amer Palace in Jaipur. Soon we set course for our new destination, and left Samode Palace. We took a little over an hour to reach Amer Palace and finish the first task.

After we showed the above image to a Honda official, we were handed over the next clue, as below.

We soon figured that the second clue is talking about none other than the famous Hawa Mahal. Located in the middle of the old city, reaching there was a task in itself. Honda Jazz CVT which we were driving, managed to make the task a breeze. It is the perfect solution for those who are tired of commuting during peak hours or on a busy road. We put on some music, and jazzed our way to Hawa Mahal in no time.

After showing the image above, we got our next clue.

This one was a bit tricky, as Jaipur is a place filled with such eateries. Google didn’t help much this time. Clueless, we turned to locals for help. All gave the same answer – Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar. It was very close to Hawa Mahal.

Apart from having their famous kachori’s, we also bought some sweets before heading out.

Again we turned towards locals for help to figure out this clue. The answer was Kishan Lal Govind Lassiwaala.

After having a glass of Lassi, we headed towards solving our last clue.

As mentioned in the clue, this was actually the easiest of them all.

Once we reached the fuel station, a Honda official who was waiting there, told us that we were the first one’s to arrive and thus are the winners of ‘Jazzing in Jaipur’.

The drive through Jaipur to Samode and back, including some fantastic activities planned by Honda Car India, showed us how versatile and fun the Jazz is as a family car.

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