Honda transmission plant Ohio gets 2 power producing turbines

Use of turbines in house ascertains Honda’s plant as the 1st major automotive manufacturing facility in US to source approximately 10% percent electricity directly from wind turbines.

Honda wind turbineStudies commissioned by Honda Transmission indicate that wind-generated power is a cost-effective source of electricity for the plant. Most importantly, the project doesn’t adversely impact local wildlife or environment.

Honda plant’s 2 wind turbines, based on their location and actual wind speeds, offer combined output estimated at 10,000-megawatt hours (MWH) per year. Thsi project was completed after thorough evaluation of renewable energy sources for the plant, announced back in February 2012. Turbine blades at teh Honda plant are approximately 160 feet long. they have been installed on 260-foot towers on Honda Transmission property, suited for a maxof two wind turbines.

“We appreciate the support we have received from the township and our neighbors throughout all phases of the project that will help Honda work toward our goal of reducing CO2 emissions,” said Gary Hand, Vice President of Honda Transmission. “This is just one of many ways that Honda is seeking to reduce our environmental footprint.”

“We are proud to be helping Honda strengthen its status as a national leader in sustainability,” said Jorge Lopez, CEO of ConEdison Solutions. “Through the example set by Honda, the American manufacturing sector will see more ways it can incorporate renewable power into its facilities.”

“We are honored to work with Honda and ConEdison Solutions to provide wind energy at the Russells Point facility,” said Corey Juhl, Vice President of project development for Juhl Energy. “By assisting in the installation of these two wind turbines next to their manufacturing facility, Honda is making tangible and immediate progress towards reducing CO2 emissions.”