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Hop OXO Electric Motorcycle Launch 5th Sep – Official Teaser

Hop Electric already has two electric scooters on sale named Lyf and Leo, and now the company is setting foot into electric motorcycle segment

Hop OXO Electric Motorcycle
Hop OXO Electric Motorcycle

Indian electric 2W market is flooded with products ranging from startups to mainstream manufacturers like Bajaj, and TVS. Even Honda is expected to crash the party in 2023 with a likely electric Activa. But what about electric motorcycles? That is a relatively less explored segment even in 2022.

We kinda get it. Electric Motorcycles can’t be pitted as unisex and lacks a scooter’s practicality. But that being said, manufacturers like Revolt, Ultraviolette and Oben have set out to take their chances in one of the largest 2-wheeler markets in the world. But soon, we will see a contender in the form of Hop OXO that is set to “Change The Game” for good.

Hop OXO Electric Motorcycle Teased

Jaipur-based Hop Electric is set to launch OXO on September 5th aiming to redefine everyday motorcycling. In that regard, it will take on very little competition. We have seen Hop electric bike being tested for a year now and the name OXO is now official. After real-world testing, company is set to offer it on sale.

Most of what we saw on test mules is also found in the teaser released by Hop Electric. It gets LED lighting all around including side turn indicators. Headlight design is heavily inspired by previous generation 150cc FZ. The differences are uncanny. Looking at the teaser, it can be said for sure that OXO will get a rear hub motor.

Attractive dot-pattern blue graphics are present on most of OXO’s body panels. It gets a muscular design which is further accentuated by its tank shrouds. The spokes of its alloys are a little too thick to come off as attractive. But that’s the design that Hop is going for. We can also see a split seat and the rear along with grab rails also reminds us of previous gen FZ.

The street naked design looks aggressive and purposeful too. Looking at its ergonomics, it appears to be neutrally set. The handlebar is high up and footpegs for rider are centrally set. This gives its rider a relaxed and stress-free upright riding posture. This makes sure that rider is fatigue-free during his/her daily commutes.

Specs & Features

Right now, Hop has two electric scooters, Lyf and Leo. Both of them are decently specced and OXO is also likely to be decently specced. Lyf and Leo get dual battery options and with this specification, both electric scooters can cover 120 km. Lyf has 2,000W power with a 50 km/h top speed and Leo has 2,500W power with 60 km/h.

OXO is likely to get dual batteries too with 80 to 90 km/h top speed. We can also expect around 100 km of range on a single charge with a dual battery option. OXO gets telescopic suspension at front and dual shockers at the rear. Disc brakes are offered at both ends. Hop is also investing in battery swapping stations that enable batteries to be replaced within 20 seconds. More details on OXO will be revealed at launch on September 5th. 

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