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Hummer Electric SUV Unofficially Revealed During Investor Meet

Hummer Electric SUV
Hummer Electric SUV

General Motors had revealed its plan for reviving the ‘Hummer’ moniker some time back in a fully electrified avatar

GMC officially unveiled the first part of its highly ambitious project of fully electrified vehicles last month. The Hummer electric pick-up truck revealed that it has nothing to do with its predecessors and it is indeed a start of a new revolution by the American auto giant.

Now, GMC has unofficially given us a sneak peek at the second part of this mega project- Hummer Electric SUV and visually it shares a lot of commonalities with its sibling. Images of the SUV were inadvertently revealed during an investor conference recently.

Common Design & functionalities

The SUV prototype is seen parked behind the company’s presenter’s, Executive Vice President, Doug Parks and CEO Mary Barra. The long roof derivative of the Hummer EV seems to be a near final production-spec model.

The SUV shares its front end and bloated fenders with the pickup truck model while its overall silhouette is identical to the latter. It also shares the blacked-out roof and white colour scheme from the pick-up truck revealed earlier which is the limited-edition first-year Edition-1 model.

Hummer Electric SUV Teaser
Hummer Electric SUV Teaser

Edition 1 Hummer EV went on sale a few days back and was completely sold out for the entire year in a few moments. As expected, the SUV is essentially the pickup truck rebadged with a permanent roof over the bed area. In all probability, the SUV version will share most of its features and mechanicals with its SUT sibling. This means the SUV will carry similar design elements such as center LED headlights with each letter of ‘HUMMER’ embossed in individual panels.

Expected similar 35-inch alloy wheels with the option of 37-inchers like the military Humvees. Rear of the SUV has not been revealed yet but expect it to be in line with the design of Hummer electric pick-up truck so is the case with its interiors. It is also expected to be provided with a body-armour underneath to protect it from all sorts of damages which is set to protect the vehicle essentials while venturing off the tarmac.

Functionalities of the pick-up truck too are also set to be retained in the SUV with a large central screen and a digital gauge cluster. It is offered with tonnes of off-roading features which enhances its off-roading prowess, the highlight being a ‘crab walk mode’ which enhances its maneuverability on a tricky path by moving diagonally.

Expected Launch

Hummer Electric SUV is also likely to draw energy from General Motors’ all-new Ultium batteries paired to a three-motor setup. This powertrain can generate up to a humongous 1000 bhp and 15,600 Nm of torque. While GMC has already revealed that the pickup truck will be launched late next year, the SUV will be made available a year later in 2022 as a 2023 model.


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