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Hummer Electric Detailed Walkaround And Battery Tech – Explained

Hummer Electric
Image – JerryRigEverything

Hummer EV will be offered in both configurations- a pickup truck and an SUV with the same electric powertrain

The Hummer EV Super Truck finally made its official appearance a couple of days ago. It has nothing in common with its previous gen internal combustion (IC) engine counterpart; except for the fact that both are huge. The super truck from GMC was revealed in its entire form which showed the American auto giant had been up to all this time.

What makes this project even more monumental is that it is an EV attached to the name of a Hummer. EVs are known to be the future of mobility solutions since they are environment friendly and the Hummer moniker isn’t known to be very friendly to nature. However, it seems GMC has taken the bulls by its horns and managed to surprise everyone.

In a detailed video uploaded by JerryRigEverything on YouTube, the vlogger explains every little detail of Hummer EV and why it is so special. While Hummer has always been known for its gigantic presence and enormous power, the Hummer EV delivers on both accounts emphatically.


Starting with its design and aesthetics, the new Hummer Electric takes most of its inspiration from Hummer H2 and the military Humvees. It is to be noted that Hummer presented now is in the form of a pick-up truck but an SUV configuration of the same is also under development and will be revealed at a later stage. The Hummer EV in discussion here is the top-spec Edition 1 variant is expected to go on sale in a year’s time.

Design highlights include the center LED headlights with each letter of ‘HUMMER’ engrossed in individual panels. Edition 1 Hummer Electric comes with huge chunks of 35-inch alloy wheels with the option of adding 37-inchers just as the military Humvees. Another highlight is that each roof panel on top can come out to give the on-boarders a feel of open air. All panels from the roof can be stuffed neatly inside the trunk provided at front. Interestingly, the huge front windshield gets three wipers.

There are many ‘Hummer EV’ badgings all around which distinguishes itself as an electric pickup truck. The LED tail lamps at rear are in ‘H’ shape denoting the behemoth off-roader. The rear gets a 5-foot bed which is very useful since it is a lifestyle utility vehicle. It also gets a body-armour underneath to protect it from all sorts of damages it set to concur when it traverses to extreme off-roading conditions.

Functionalities on offer

GMC has retained Hummer’s robustness and added a load of modern and useful features to make it much more sophisticated. Yet its overall design remains very much utilitarian. However, it is still more about how it performs than how it looks.

Coming to its functionalities, new Hummer EV gets fully adjustable air suspension units which can lift up the chassis up to 152mm which increases its ground clearance up to a massive 406mm. The suspension travel is so much that the lay-shaft also had to expand and contract accordingly. It is equipped with four-wheel steering which allows the rear wheels to turn in the same or opposite directions of front wheels thus improving its maneuverability and reducing its turning radius. When the rear wheels point at the same direction as the front wheels it moves diagonally called ‘Crab Mode’.


GMC has equipped the Hummer Electric with two motors on front axle with each motor powering one wheel. Thus in case of a wheel losing traction one motor can be switched off and the other motor can draw all its power from the battery to supply it to the wheel having traction. The battery pack itself is placed at the bottom of the frame and is double stacked which improves its center of gravity.

Above mentioned functionalities help improve its off-tarmac capabilities to great extent. Hummer Electric is powered by a three-motor setup which derives its energy from General Motors’ all-new Ultium batteries. The powertrain generates a humongous 1000 bhp and a massive 15,600 Nm of torque. Hummer EV Edition 1 goes on sale late next year while rest of the lineup will hit showrooms in 2022. It will go up against the ambitious Tesla Cybertruck which is slated to launch around the same time.

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