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Husqvarna Blapilen (Blue Arrow) Cruiser Rendered – On The Anvil?

Husqvarna Blapilen Render
Husqvarna Blapilen Render

The Husqvarna Blapilen cruiser family with multiple engine variants could bring in a whole new class of audience under the brand’s umbrella

Under the ownership of KTM AG, Husqvarna evolved from making niche motocross and enduro models for competition to also making road bikes. The Vitpilen and Svartpilen family of motorcycles mark the beginning of a new era for the Swedish motorcycle brand.

Husqvarna to explore more product segments

While KTM continues to focus on sharp sportsbikes and adventure tourers, it will be using its subsidiary to expand its reach into hitherto unexplored territories. For starters, Husqvarna will debut a new electric scooter sometime next year with a 4 kW platform which will be derived from Bajaj Chetak. The stylish urban runabout will be made it India for global consumption. There will also be an electric motorcycle by the name of E-Pilen.

Husqvarna Blapilen cruiser

With demand for cruisers on the rise, what if Husqvarna decided to launch a cruiser motorcycle, christened Blapilen – Swedish for Blue Arrow. Our in-house design expert Pratyush Rout gave it a shot and this is the end result.

If at all the Husqvarna Blapilen cruiser is to become a reality, we reckon it will derive its design inspiration from its street fighter siblings with a circular LED infused headlight, an unconventional fuel tank design with extruded badge-carrying elements, and a minimal tailpiece with a compact LED taillight.

Husqvarna Blapilen Render
Husqvarna Blapilen Render

It is reasonable to assume that the Blapilen cruiser would continue to employ a trellis frame but with altered geometry and a lower rear sub-frame. To keep the costs in check, such a product is most likely to share its suspension, wheels and braking system with the Vitpilen and Svartpilen families. As the rendering suggests, a Husqvarna cruiser could be a very interesting proposition.


Just like the existing Husqvarna road motorcycles, the cruiser could be available in 200, 250, 401 and 701 avatars depending on the market. If this project attains fruition, the first three are likely to have India as their production base.

Husqvarna Blapilen Render
Husqvarna Blapilen Render

We think the Husqvarna Blapilen cruiser has the potential to bring a whole new class of audience under the brand’s umbrella. The cruiser family will cover a wide range of rivals such as the Honda Rebel, Kawasaki Vulcan, Harley Street, and so on. Even the Royal Enfield’s to an extent.

It is to be noted that Husqvarna has not officially confirmed the existence of a cruiser named Blapilen in its pipeline. If at all there is such a project underway, we don’t expect such a motorcycle to be ready for a couple of years.

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