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Husqvarna Copycat From China – Feiken 250cc Motorcycle Debuts

Husqvarna copycat from China
Husqvarna copycat from China

That imitation is the sincerest form of flattery is being religiously followed by some Chinese OEMs

Due to lax copyright laws in China, the country has become a hub for creating rip-offs of popular products. And it’s not limited to just auto sector. Unscrupulous players in China have created copies of several products including electronic items, apparel, toys, and cosmetics.

In the latest example, China-based FK Motors has launched Feiken TT250, which is supposedly ‘inspired’ by Husqvarna 250 twins. However, looking at the similarities, it appears that the manufacturer doesn’t really understand the difference between inspiration and a copy-paste job.

Feiken TT250 – similarities with Husqvarna 250 twins

A quick glance at Feiken TT250 reveals that its core silhouette is largely the same as Husqvarna quarter-litre twins. The bike has neo-retro styling and several matching parts such as round headlamp, golden coloured USD front forks, sculpted fuel tank, flat seat, round fully digital instrument pod, and short tail section. Panelling on the sides is different, but overall design still appears similar to that of Husqvarna 250 twins.

Just like the huskies, Feiken TT250 has swingarm mounted tyre hugger that also holds the number plate. The only difference is that Feiken TT250 has single sided swingarm, as compared to double-sided swingarm of Husqvarna twins. The golden finish on the engine also looks familiar. But in comparison to huskies that have only the lower part in golden shade, Feiken TT250 has almost the entire engine assembly in golden finish.

Husqvarna copycat from China
Husqvarna copycat from China

Feiken TT250 – Unique features

Upon closer inspection, one does come across some unique aspects of Feiken TT250. One of these is the underbelly exhaust, which gives the bike a sleeker look and feel. In comparison, Husqvarna 250 twins have upswept exhaust. Feiken TT250 utilizes a similar looking tubular steel frame, but it’s not as sinewy and complex as that of Husqvarna 250 twins.

Feiken TT250 engine and specs

Powering Feiken TT250 is a 249cc, liquid cooled motor that is capable of generating 28 hp of max power at 9,750 rpm and 21.7 Nm of peak torque at 7,500 rpm. In comparison, the huskies utilize a 248.8cc motor that makes 31 hp and 24 Nm.

It is interesting to note that the motor used for Feiken TT250 is manufactured by Zhejiang Chungfeng, the parent company of CFMoto. As you may be aware, CFMoto has a partnership with KTM, the parent company of Husqvarna.

Feiken TT250 has 17-inch wheels at both ends, which are shod with 110/70 and 150/60 tyres at front and rear, respectively. Braking duties are performed by 300mm disc at the front and 260mm disc at the rear.

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