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Hyundai Creta with BMW X3 body kit delivers 160 hp – Most powerful Creta SUV?

We have come across quite a few examples of modified Hyundai Creta but this one has pushed the envelop when it comes to body kit. This compact crossover, finished in glossy black paint job, has a completely different appeal compared to the laid back stock model.

For starters, the front has been completely redone. The modified bonnet, bumper, grille, wheel arches and additional foglights render the crossover a very aggressive character but we have to say that it’s a bit too loud for our liking. Nonetheless, the customized Creta bears an unmissable visual impact and would look menacing in the rear view mirrors.

The wide body kit does make the crossover bulkier in profile. The new elements on the side include flared wheel arches, new ORVM housings, skirts, and 20-inch Hunter wheels with black spokes and chrome rim. The car also receives Accelera 280/30-R20 ultra low profile tyres, and red-finished front brake calipers and rear drums.

The rear fascia further turns up the aggression by several notches, thanks to a large roof-mounted spoiler, LED taillight detailing, and new bumper with diffuser, giant towing-eye, and faux exhaust tips. The interior receives custom red treatment with Nappa leather upholstery. In terms of equipment, the modified Hyundai Creta gets a Pioneer infotainment system with Cervin Wega coaxial components, double-coil sub-woofers and screens on head restraints.

The 1.6-litre CRDi diesel engine benefits from a Wolfmoto Performance Remap which pushes up the output to around 160 hp and 350 Nm of torque. That’s not all. The Creta is also equipped with BMC replacement air filter. The jack up hardware setup should have improved the performance to a significant extent.

The owner hasn’t shared any details about the price but we are certain that these extensive modification don’t come cheap. How do you like this modified Hyundai Creta? Is is too loud for your taste or just simply stunning?

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