Hyundai HND-7 Hexa multi purpose vehicle (MPV) concept at 2012 Delhi Auto Show

The 2012 Delhi Auto Show got off to a flying start in regards to a host of auto companies eagerly waiting to showcase their new concepts and launches from January 7 to 11. Hyundai India unveiled the HND-7, a compact MVP and Mahindra and Mahindra will be launching Mini Xylo by mid 2012.

The Hyundai HND-7 unveiled at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi as a vehicle with extra ground clearance and more enhanced road presence. Further details of HND-7 point to interior features and engine performance. The Hexa Space MPV concept stresses on enhanced interior space. Based on the compact ix20 platform, the Hyundai HND-7 Hexa MPV is a little wider at 1.82 meters wide and 1.65 meters tall, measuring 4.3 meters long. Powered by a Kappa 1.2 liter turbo GDI engine, the six-speed automatic transmission stands tall on 19-inch wheels.

The interesting hexagon based design upholds space maximization with its 8 slim hexagonally-shaped seats fitting in as pieces of a puzzle. The Hyundai HND-7 Hexa MPV seat configurations include folding the centre seats flat for enhanced comfort, folding of 2nd row seats for a more interior space, and the back row seats can be folded for cargo. All 7 seats can be folded flat for increased hauls, and all 8 seats can be adjusted if you feel the need to camp. Center seating in two rows are slightly behind the seats on either side so seating 3 doesn’t feel cramped.

Getting in and out of the vehicle is made easy with their cool door design wherein rear doors lift out and slide back ensuring a wide opening on either side. There’s also a push-button shifter, touch-screen centre console, additional storage spaces, and a cluster ionizer air purifier.