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Hyundai i20 Sportz Price Cut – i10 NIOS Sportz Exe Launch Price Rs 7.16 L

Even with SUV popularity growing these days, Hyundai i20 and i10 NIOS bring a decent volume for the brand

Hyundai i20 Sportz Price Cut
Image – Atharva Dhuri

With rising input costs, manufacturers deviate towards price hikes. Hyundai is no stranger to this either and we saw a price hike with the brand’s SUV lineup with Venue and Creta in January 2023 without any updates. Now, there is a price revision set for Sportz trim level with Hyundai i20 and Grand i10 NIOS hatchback.

One might think that Hyundai must have hiked prices for i20 and i10 NIOS. Instead, Hyundai has slashed the prices by Rs. 3,500. Hyundai has cut key features with Sportz trim, hence the slashed prices. Additionally, Grand i10 NIOS gets a new Sportz Executive variant. Let’s take a look.

Grand i10 NIOS Sportz Executive Variant

Prices for new Hyundai Grand i10 Sportz Executive are pegged at Rs. 7,16,400 for petrol MT variant and Rs. 7,70,200 for petrol AMT (prices ex-sh, Delhi). When compared to regular Sportz trim, Sportz Executive costs Rs. 3,500 less.

Sportz Executive trim is now devoid of automatic climate control and in its place, is a manual AC/heater setup found on Magna trim. Regular Sportz variants with Grand i10 NIOS get automatic climate control and pricing is unchanged.

Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS Sportz Executive
Image – World of Automobiles

Hyundai i20 Sportz Variant

With the i20, Hyundai has not introduced the new Sportz Executive trim level. Instead, Hyundai has simply axed automatic climate control features from regular Sportz trim level. The automatic climate control module is now replaced with a manual AC/heater unit found on Magna trim. This is the only change on Sportz trim and rest of its features are kept intact.

This change with Sportz trim is applicable to all of its variants. That is petrol MT, petrol MT dual tone and petrol iVT variants. Price reduction is pegged at Rs. 3,500 across the board. In effect, Hyundai i20 Sportz trim level now starts at Rs. 8,05,200 for petrol MT, Rs. 8,20,200 for petrol MT dual tone and Rs. 9,07,000 for petrol iVT (prices ex-sh, Delhi).

Price Update

Often, manufacturers remove features and hike prices at the same time with their offerings. Stark example of this is Skoda Slavia which was stripped of its 10.2” touchscreen and fully digital driver’s display, wireless charging and other features and at the same time, prices were hiked by Rs. 50,000. It is debatable given semiconductor shortage plaguing the industry at that time.

For buyers that want automatic climate control with i20 hatchback should now look at Asta trim, starting from Rs. 9,01,100. Previously it was available with Sportz trim at Rs. 8,08,700. With Grand i10 NIOS, that is not much of a stretch as automatic climate control is still retained with regular Sportz trim (prices ex-sh, Delhi).

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