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Hyundai India launches 5 new schemes to push car sales

Car companies are finding it difficult to attract buyers in these times of corona virus pandemic

With the economy in doldrums, it’d be wise to keep a lookout on just what measures are taken in terms of economic handouts when the time comes. In the last couple of weeks, the country has witnessed a great migration, unskilled labour has found no takers, and those with job security are facing job cuts, and salary cuts among other things. Then there’s those, who aren’t being paid for an indefinite period. In this tide of uncertainty, finance schemes already include a 3 month moratorium.

Keeping in mind current market condition, Hyundai Motor India is offering customers a wide range of car finance schemes. The 5 finance plans available optimise convenience and ease of ownership to ease financial burden.

It must be kept in mind that while buying cars has increased manifold in the past decade it is still remains decision that’s made basis ones disposable income. With the scope of income being uncertain, such decisions are likely to take a backseat.

Hyundai India finance schemes

To address this, Hyundai will offer 3 Months Low EMI Scheme, Step-up Scheme, Balloon Scheme, Longest Duration Scheme, and Low Down Payment Scheme. The offers fall within the scope of predetermined terms and conditions, and parameters. All schemes are from different banks for different vehicle segments.

It would obviously be simpler to defer a car buying decision when the going is tough but attractive finance schemes can make all the difference between making the purchase more manageable. A lenient finance scheme does under ordinary circumstance allow people consider a longterm financial decision, and the wide range of schemes from Hyundai looks to achieve just that.

With production having come to a standstill for weeks at an end, Hyundai India has this week resumed production in a single shift, and with a minimum number of shift workers at their factory. Dealerships too have started opening wherever possible as per local authority advisory.

FY19 didn’t bring out too much positivity to the industry but Hyundai India did enjoy a great run having shifted focus to improving its SUV segment market share in the country, and in this front, Hyundai Venue performance was commendable. Unfortunately, under current economic distress, Hyundai India no longer has the advantage of building on their past positive sentiment. As such, making available diverse finance tools to customers with varying financial needs will be a priority now if they have any hope of tapping into sales.

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