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Hyundai India Domestic Sales Aug 2020 Grows – Thanks to Creta, Venue

Aug 2020 saw Hyundai India increase their domestic sales by 20%

Hyundai Motor India has long been focused on improved its position at 2nd place in the domestic market. A position it has long held, having continually inched forward where sales is a benchmark.

Hyundai Motor India UV market share and exports

Over time, the manufacturer has not only refocused on improving its UV market share, but also strengthened exports. For April – July 2020, Hyundai UV sales stood on top of the leaderboard at 34,212 units, having tipped Maruti to the position. The latter reports UV sales for the same period at 32,577 units.

The Indian UV segment has in recent years been continually redefined having long departed from the focus on a traditional SUV. This has seen , the market share in such segments improve, and most importantly a whole range of new cars.

Hyundai Sales Aug 2020
Hyundai Sales Aug 2020

Within Hyundai, Creta is placed in a position of lead with support from Hyundai Venue to strengthen the UV segment. In their respective segments, both cars vie for top spot. Only last month, Hyundai Creta sales surpassed the 5 lakh unit mark. The automaker is also testing the new i20, which is ready for launch.

While lockdown limitations continue to lash out, new Hyundai Creta was launched in March 2020 before the nation came to a standstill. Once business was restarted in a phased manner, new Verna was launched in May 2020. Timely launch updates have helped bolster strong sales.

Hyundai sales for August 2020

For August 2020, HMIL reports domestic sales at 45,809 units, up 19.9 percent from 38,205 units sold in August 2019. Exports have fallen owing to limitations in vehicle transport, and is taking longer to bounce back than domestic sales. Exports fell to 6,800 units, down 61.79 percent from 17,800 units in August 2019. On account of decline in exports, cumulative sales fell to 52,609 units, down from 56,005 units at 6.06 percent decline. In fact, current FY21 YTD exports show MSIL leading, something which has always been a Hyundai domain.

As sales demand grows, HMIL has ensured customer convenience through its ‘Click to Buy’ online retail platform designed to facilitate end-to-end car purchases. Tarun Garg, Director (Sales, Marketing & Service), Hyundai Motor India Limited said there’s been good response to the recently launched iMT powertrain in Hyundai Venue. He adds, “We would like to carry on with cautious optimism as uncertainty still surrounds the pandemic.”

Hyundai Kona EV enjoys a unique position in the larger scheme of things given that the vehicle enjoys no real completion, and finds genuine takers in those that believe electric vehicles are the way forward. A recent EESL tender to supply 250 vehicles – 150 sub 4 m and 100 above 4 m will see Hyundai supply 100 Kona units.

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