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Hyundai Kona electric owner shares drive range – Gets 71 paise per km

Hyundai Kona electric India
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Launched in July at Rs 25.3 lakh, Hyundai Kona has received good response from customers. Within 10 days of launch, Kona had received 120 confirmed bookings. This is quite good for a premium EV and shows that there’s potential for electric passenger cars in the country.

Thanks to reduction in GST for EVs, price was reduced to Rs 23.71 lakhs. Hyundai has said that enquiries for Kona and footfall at dealerships have also increased. Kona is available at 15 dealerships across 11 cities.

Now that deliveries have commenced, Kona owners have shared their first impression of their new electric car. In one such first impression is shared by Akhil, who has posted his experience of using the Kona. Here is the first Hyundai Kona electric owner review of drive range and charging cost.

Hyundai Kona electric owner review India
Image – Akhil

One of the biggest point of discussion about the Kona electric, was its drive range. Hyundai India has claimed that Kona can deliver a drive range of 452 kms on a full charge. Here is what Hyundai Kona electric owner, Akhil has to say about the same.

Akhil has focused on finding out the actual mileage of Kona, something that many people would like to know. Official ARAI rated mileage for Kona is 452 kms on single 100% charge, but as with all vehicles, drive range in real-life conditions is usually less. Akhil set out to find exactly that by running his Kona from full charge to almost empty.

During the test, Akhil drove his Kona in city traffic as well as on open roads in Eco mode. Around 90% of the entire journey was on city roads, while 10% was on open roads. Air conditioning was used during 50% of the journey.

When the battery status reached 4%, Akhil stopped the car and took readings from the instrument console. The trip meter showed 345.8 km, which is quite good even though it falls short of the rated mileage. The car could have run 18 km more, as can be seen in the distance to empty screen.

Akhil is confident that Kona can easily touch 425-450 km on highways and open roads. This specific test was conducted largely in city traffic, which is why mileage was around 100 km less than claimed.

Akhil also mentions actual running cost of Kona, wherein 40 units of electricity is consumed for a full charge. This is around Rs 250, as per existing power cost. However, this figure may vary, as electricity rates are different for most states. Considering Kona’s 350 km range in real-life conditions, per km cost is less than Rs 1 (71 paisa), which is better than even entry level hatchbacks such as Maruti Alto.

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