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Hyundai i20 knocks off Yamaha R15 racing on highway – Road rage gone too far

This video has resurfaced on Youtube after quite a few months and seems to be the only copy available after a simple search on teh platform. Dated: Delhi NCR witnessed yet another incident of road rage. This time, a Yamaha R15 rider and Hyundai i20 driver were involved. The R15 rider is cutting through lanes as well as other vehicles on the road. Not only he is speeding, but he is also performing dangerous overtaking maneuvers.

He is caught on camera by another biker, performing these moves. Most on the road decide to ignore this Yamaha R15 rider. But there is this one Hyundai i20 rider who did not like the way the Yamaha R15 rider overtook him. So what does this Hyundai driver do? Well, he decides to teach him a lesson. The Hyundai i20 driver not only overtakes the R15, but he is now waiting for the R15 rider to try and overtake him again. This time, he goes and bangs into him while the R15 is performing the overtake. The entire episode was caught on camera. Watch the video below.


This could have been a fatal accident for the rider. Luckily for the R15 rider, he survived this crash with minor injuries. The Honda Jazz driver who was just behind, was alert enough to apply brakes and not run over the R15 rider who is now on the road. As for the bike, it goes on for some meters before crashing into the divider. They Hyundai i20 driver did not stop, and ran away from the spot.

This is not the first time something like this has been reported in the Delhi NCR region. A few weeks ago, Maruti Dzire driver was doing something similar. The Maruti Dzire driver picked up a tussle with a fellow driver on the Noida highway. This other driver was driving a Lamborghini Huracan. It is not clear what exactly happened, but for some reason the Maruti Dzire driver decided to do a dangerous manoeuvre and overtake the Lamborghini Huracan.

The Hurcan driver on his part, was driving in the middle lane, like a sane driver should. But out of nowhere this Maruti driver comes and overtakes him, at the same time cutting into his lane. In this, the Maruti Dzire driver set off a chain of events which has resulted into a deadly crash.

A Maruti DZire tried to overtake a speeding Lamborghini Huracan following which it hit a Maruti Eeco travelling in the same direction. The DZire changed lanes suddenly, hit the Lamborghini forcing it to swerve to the left and onto the path of an Eeco coming in from the left.

The accident occurred on a busy street in broad daylight. It also missed a motorcycle travelling a high speed along the left lane. It is not clear if the driver of the DZire momentarily lost control of the vehicle but the Lamborghini, which tried to avert a collision by moving into the left lane, was badly scraped.

CCTV footage has captured the entire series of events of an accident that occurred at Sector 135, near the Noida Expressway in Uttar Pradesh on Saturday. The vehicle was seen hitting a van which skidded off the road, rolled over several times and crashed into trees at the side of the road. Watch the video below.

The driver of the Maruti Eeco has been identified as Arshad Ahmed, a young man in his late twenties, of Mandawali in East Delhi. He was immediately removed to the hospital but died enroute.

The driver of the Swift Dzire has been arrested while efforts are on to trace the Lamborghini driver, who escaped from the scene of the accident, have proved futile to date. It has been noted that a large number of accident occur on this stretch of expressway primarily due to lane indiscipline and over speeding.

Sadly, some news channel have reported that it was the fault of Lamborghini Huracan driver, like the one below.

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