IAF MIG-27 fighter jet crash landed into a Tata Safari in Jodhpur

The Indian Airforce’s MIG-27 fighter jets have already served their worth and new equipment is due for all those heroic men who pilot them. Earlier this month, one such example came down crashing into a residential area in Jodhpur.

The regular sortie quickly turned into a nightmare as the MIG developed a critical technical snag rendering the pilots helpless. Fortunately, both the pilots managed to eject out of the plummeting aircraft merely moments before it met its fate, ending the life of a stationary and vacant Tata Safari in the process.

Safari MIG crash (2)
The pilots managed to eject themselves moments before the plane hit the ground.

Not only did the pilots managed to survive the mishap, the residents in the vicinity of the ground zero also did good to escape fatal injuries. However, it was reported that some people on the ground suffered injuries.

As for the poor Tata Safari, it all over but it has to be said that the SUV faired well considering that it was attacked by a military aircraft travelling at a very high velocity. The insurance report for the Safari would be, to say the least, bizarre. The aircraft caught fire immediately after hitting and ground and there is nothing to be salvaged from the debris.

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Since 2001, there have been 12 reported crashes of the MIG-27 in India. The aging aircraft model has been retired by all the primary users. India is currently in the process of phasing out its outdated fleet of fighter jets.

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