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Icona Nucleus driverless electric car Auto Expo debut – 1,200 kms range

ICONA Nucleus electric car

Italy’s ICONA DESIGN GROUP is all set to make its debut in India at the 2020 Auto Expo next month. They want to be part of India’s growing EV market.

Auto Expo 2020 will provide a platform to the Icona Nucleus driverless vehicle concept. Company Chairman and CEO says, “We want to be part of the growing EV market in India.” The concept, a future of mobility concept gives the company an opportunity to enter India.

Icona Nucleus driverless vehicle features fully autonomous driving level five, allowing it to jump two-gens ahead. Obviously, since the need of a driver is eliminated, so is the need for a steering wheel and dashboard. With this comes new spheres that transform commutes to a new kind of immersive mode that can be enjoyed while going from one place to another. For one, one needn’t take the steering wheel.

ICONA Nucleus electric car

As per the specs, it is powered by a combination of electric as well as hydrogen powered range extender. Combined range is 1,200 kms. 0-100 kmph is achieved in 3.5 seconds. The current environment portends the future of mobile living spaces as the same as modes of transport. The company opines, ‘India is a promising market with high potential for design. We expect India to become a major player in Electric Vehicles with the involvement of traditional and new manufacturers.’

Nucleus concept builds on the Icona Neo concept to reconsider the way a vehicle is used with a touch of what the future is imagined to be. Neo concept was an intro to tomorrow, and Nucleus to after-tomorrow.

With focus on tech, the company believes tech should be felt, and not seen. Thereby building on the idea of less is more. The words that define this idea is human centric, futurism, fluid, and sculptural body. This with the right dash of aerodynamics and ergonomics comes together in the Nucleus, a showcase of the future for next-gen cars.

The electric car revolution could very well be a socially conscious movement that cares about the environment, with more and more players joining in. With changes foretold, foreseeable, and not, car design language is no doubt changing. For instance, Icona Nucleus concept has been brought to life with the creative contribution of 21 nationalities. 90 designers worked together from Turin, Shanghai and Los Angeles.

As the electric wave in India tries to make an impact, it brings to the fore a new chapter in mobility. This potential and outreach is what attracts Icona to the country through its representative. And while there’ll be more than plenty traditional vehicles at the expo, Icona Nucleus concept will certainly prove to be an attraction owing to its not so traditional design.

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