India cabinet increases traffic fines: Rs.100,000 compensation for fatal accidents and Rs. 50,000 for serious injuries, so imagine how low it was until now

Finally, some good news for those who hope for better safety, and optimum punishment for offenders. The Indian cabinet has now agreed increase fines for traffic offences in their quest to curb indisciplined driving, and penalise those who drive as per their own rules.

This apart, compensation for accident victims is set to be hiked substantially. India deals with 130,000+ road accidents each year. Indian roads are dangerous because of increased number of vehicles on all big and small roads in the country. This is further aggravated by a lack of road safety education, which makes the road a dangerous place.

It is now been decided that amendments will be made to the Motor Vehicle Act to include the increased fines. It is no secret that when it comes to Indian roads pedestrians need to fight the fight against cars, buses, cycles, three wheel rickshaws, auto rickshaws, trucks, hand pulled carts, and at times even a heard of cows or the passing elephant. With traffic signals going kaput time and again, and those behind the wheels having very little regard for those walking along the situation is grim. A lack of pavements on many roads makes the situation even more dangerous.

PTI quoted an official who had this to say. “The union cabinet has approved the amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act for harsher punishments for offences like drunken driving and violation of traffic rules and also increased compensation in accident cases.”

Drinking and driving while responsible for increased accidents is something that goes unpunished many a times. The new set of rules is meant to deal with drivers who are repeat offenders. Whether the increase in fines can act as a deterrent is yet to be proven. As of now, fatal accidents compensation has been set at Rs.100,000 ($2,041; £1,266) and Rs. 50,000 for serious injuries.