Millionaire jeweller becomes first in India to be listed in the ‘National No Fly List’

Mumbai-based jeweler created a hijack scare onboard a Jet Airways flight following which it has been grounded by DGCA. Images - Jet Airways / Facebook.

Birju Kishore Salla, 37, a Mumbai based jeweler, created a hijack scare aboard a Mumbai – Delhi Jet Airways flight in October 2017. Because of this, the pilot of the flight had to make an emergency landing at the Ahmedabad airport. How did he create the scare?

Well, the cabin crew found a note in the washroom that warned of a hijack bid and about a bomb planted in the cargo bay of the plane. The note asked to be flown directly to POK and ended with the words “Allah is Great”.

During interrogation, Salla confessed that he had planted the note. The reason he planted the note was to make Jet Airways stop their operations in Delhi. He thought that by planting this note Jet will stop operations in Delhi, and will shift all workforce to Mumbai. The reason he wanted Jet to stop Delhi operations was to make sure his girlfriend shifted to Mumbai. His girlfriend works in Jet Airways at Delhi office.

Salla is a multi millionair and has an office at Zaveri Bazaar in Mumbai. He also has a flat in a posh area. But, now he cannot fly in an airplane in India. Thanks to that note he planted.

The then Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju advised Jet Airways to put his name on the ‘No Fly List’ while other statutory criminal action will be taken against him as per procedure.

Under Civil Aviation Requirement, a passenger can be put under three categories for unruly behavior aboard a plane. Sallu has been placed in the harshest of these categories and Jet Airways has been directed to inform other airlines about his grounding while a data base will also be maintained by the DGCA.