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India’s first Lamborghini Urus SUV delivered to owner in Mumbai – Price Rs 4.2 crore

Lamborghini Urus SSUV (Super Sport Utility Vehicle) isn’t the first SUV from the company. That credit goes to the LM 002. With SUVs having carved a niche in the market across segments, it made sense to launch Urus in India, and the company is hopeful of volumes surging, and doubling.

The first Urus to leave the Lamborghoni Mumbai store looks resplendent in Rosso Anteros. Of course it’s red. At the time of launch the vehicle was listed at a price of Rs 3 crore, ex-showroom.

The car today costs Rs 3.10 crore for the base variant with a range of options to be added at an additional cost. The on road price adds about Rs 50 lakhs to the cost. With a limited number allotted for India, those booking now can expect delivery only in 2019.

This particular Lamborghini Urus in Rosso Anteros wears the ‘Style’ package, which includes chrome finish quad exhausts, gloss black exterior bits and red brake callipers. Add to this other optional extras, and this unit retailed for Rs 3.8 Crore (ex-showroom) with an or-road price of Rs 4.2 crore.

Getting the bull out of the showroom.

Lamborghini Urus top speed is pegged at 305 km/h and it zips from 0-100 km/h in 3.6 seconds. 0-200 km/h takes 12.8 seconds and it can brake from 100 km/h to zero in 33.7 metres.

Based on MLB Evo platform in use in VW Group SUVs Bentley Bentayga and Porsche Cayenne, an eight-speed AT gearbox sends power to all four wheels (40:60 front-rear split). The 4L twin-turbo V8 engine returns max power of 650hp and 850Nm of max torque.

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