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Indigo passenger takes molester to task, a video story

That shrinking feeling in the scope of perversion is what shocked a female passenger onboard an Indigo flight between Bhubaneswar and Mumbai this week. To the point that she took sometime to react. The male passenger occupying the seat behind her had been preoccupied is slipping in his fingers in the seat gap to touch the woman seated ahead.

Video from woman harassed on Indigo flight

Shocked at what was happening to her, and still figuring out what the right approach would be, the flight was soon ready for touchdown. The moment the Indigo flight did land, she stood up to find the man seated behind her still fidgeting with her seat with his hand placed on the side, ready to make the most of any opportunity to touch her yet again.

This time, she created a scene, which hopefully would be adequate to have humiliated him in front of fliers onboard this particular Indigo flight. She assumed he would have banked on the usual pattern wherein girls will keep quiet in case of molestation, and he would get away with this. Only, she wasn’t a girl who was going to stay quiet. She has lodged a FIR, and in the process of gathering evidence, the rich man from Bhubaneswar also stands humiliated in front of people who know him.

In her words, ‘Can’t believe the ordeal I had to go through, but being silent is a crime!’ She confirmed the police officer was helpful, and Indigo staff remained with her throughout. The accused was placed under police custody after her complaint was reported. Sadly, she chose to humiliate him as much as possible knowing the law will do nothing. Hopefully, photographs and videos in her possession are evidence enough for the law to take its course, rather than citizens having to assume that shaming wrongdoers is just about the only sense of justice that comes one’s way.

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