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Infosys driverless cart can be booked via smartphone app – Travel inside campus with ease

InfyCart is a self driving golf cart that uses open source technologies and draws attention to new opportunities of autonomous and connected vehicles. In July last year, Infosys Bengaluru’s CEO Vishal Sikka arrived at an earnings conference in this self driving golf cart and even as he has quit, the golf cart is set to steer ahead with more such examples to be built both for its campuses in India and in the US.

InfyCart which will has an app for booking, will be fitted with sensors allowing these driverless vehicles to sense the environment and navigate without any human intervention.

The cart was built in a year. It uses laser and camera based navigation system with all controls conceptualized and prototyped in Mysuru itself. It has been built on an existing golf cart which along with local technology will make it the cheapest self driving golf cart.

Set to make its way to Infosys campuses in India and in the US by the end of this year, the company expects to start generating revenues by FY20 and will also be marketing these technologies to other clients in the mining, automotive and other manufacturing industries.

Sudip Singh, senior vice-president, global business unit, and head of engineering services stated that they are banking on early mover advantage in autonomous technology and hope to carve a niche in this segment with the help of investments and trained talent which has not been done by any other service provider to date.

Watch the video by Bloomberg Quint below, which details the InfyCart.

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