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Isuzu SUV tuned to 200 HP, modified by XS Overland – One of the biggest mods India has seen

Today’s lifestyle is more about travelling and exploring the unknown. More and more people are investing their time in travelling to places. There is always something new about each travel. These days well known destinations are more sort after. Once hobby & now a lifestyle to many; gone are those days when one would follow a tour operators itinerary.

Travellers these days explore and follow their own travel itineraries. Travellers look for their comforts and engage in their own kind of adventures. There is lot to offer when it comes to adventures & driving your own customised vehicle to the destination.

With young generation, bike riding is becoming the quintessential mode of exploring various landscapes with their group of riding friends. The big guys on the other hand indulge with their family of gangsters. The lifestyle that one seeks are here to stay. Road trips are common these days but imagine if you could go to any kind of terrain in your own vehicle that is customize and fits your lifestyle.

XS Overland, which is nested in Ahmedabad, Gujarat is one such place to quench your thrust for building and modifying our very own machine to go crazy with you. XS Overland helps in fulfilling your dream, 4X4 off-roading vehicles and enabling you the next great adventure. This time XS Overland task was to modify an Isuzu D-Max V-Cross for venturing into the wild, with Safari as the theme, naming it the XS-82. All in all, this is by far the most extensive Isuzu D-Max V-Cross build to date by XS Overland, on one of the biggest build India has ever seen.

The following upgrades were done on the vehicles:

Paint – To create a scratch resistant surface and to go with the safari theme, we choose the UPOL Raptor Olive green colour scheme. The matt finished paint added to the tough look of the safari.

Suspension – For the suspension, we always use the trusted Ironman products in our builds and this one got the Ironman 4X4 Foam cell Pro, which will give more stability while driving through tough terrains.

Protection – XS-82 is build for going through various road or not road conditions. Hence, it is essential to protect the drivers, passenger and the vehicle. This enables the vehicle to withstand all kind of condition. The XS-82 is equipped with Ironman Air bag certified Bullbars, Ironman Underbody protection, ARB rocksliders with side rails and XS rear bumper with tyres and Jerry can holder.

IPF Lighting – There are 10 IPF lights (Auxiliary) mounted in XS-82. There are 2 IPF search lights that are mounted on the roof rails. 4 lights on the roof rack to the front, 2 on the front bull bars and 2 Rear lamps. The search lights rotate 360×180 degrees and is operated from inside the car with a remote. The search lights are used to spot wildlife during safaris. The rear lamps help in assessing during taking reverse.

Tyres – The tyres used for the build are Coopers with 33 inch and the rims are negative offset steel wheels.

Load body – The rear has four seats that are mounted to the load body where the security guards can sit comfortability during the safari. Enough measures were taken to ensure that the passengers can sit safely and comfortably to enjoy the safari tour.

Roof rack – The roof rack has four IPF light assembly along with two search lights. The roof rack is sturdy to houses all the lights and to hold one sand ladder & a high lift jack, which may be used in case of recovery.

Winch – The Warn winch is installed to pull the vehicle out of any conditions and help other vehicles to recovery as well.

ARB Lockers – The XS-82 get ARB Air lockers with an onboard ARB Compressor has been installed to conquer tough terrains with easy.

Brakes – The brakes have been upgraded to DBA Routers and EBC brake pads to ensure that the vehicle stops smoothly, without any hustle.

Performance upgrade – In order to handle all the weight, the XS-82 have been boosted from 130 BHP to 200 BHP with the help of T8 Performance Tuning. The XS-82 have be fine-tuned, change the stock exhaust, got a BMC Air intake chamber, Intercooler, Oil catch cans, Boost Gauge, snorkel etc. The vehicle was tuned to perform at it best and produce maximum power and performance.

ICE Music Upgrades – The music upgrades on the XS-82 is top of the line Kenwood thread unit, Helix Speakers & Amplifiers. Memphis Car audio shallow sub woofers with Memphis Monoblock Amplifiers. To ensure that the sound quality is perfect the entire cabin has been damped.

Interiors seating – A genuine leather seating with custom padding has been done for maximum comfort on a bumpy road. To match the upholstery, matching leather roof ling as been done as well.

Other important extras – With all the auxiliary lights, Winch and audio systems an Ironman Dual battery management system has been installed to ensure smooth functioning and to support the main battery.

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