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Jaguar says air emitted from their cars is cleaner than Delhi air

Jaguar XE 2016 Auto Expo

Jaguar Land Rover criticizes recent ban on high end diesel SUVs and cars above 2000 cc in National Capital Region till March 31 as one of the measures to combat rising air pollution.

UKS based premium luxury car brand, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) which is now owned by Tata Motors, has strongly criticized the recent ban of vehicles fitted with diesel engines over 2000cc in Delhi. The company, like many of their rivals, has been severely affected by this recent ban and CEO of the UK based company, Ralph Speth has stated that the air emitted out of their cars is far cleaner than the air sucked into the cars from the environment. Basically, he implies that Delhi air is dirtier than air emitted by JLR cars.

Latest technology vehicles comply with the latest of EURO VI regulations and hence emissions are cleaner than the air in Delhi. These new vehicles drive like a hoover and a on these kinds of vehicles is difficult to understand, says Speth.

Katrina with Jaguar XE at Auto Expo

Speth clears that he is not against cleaning air in Delhi, but the way Govt. has sidelined only cars above 2000cc is unfair. There are vehicles which pollute far more than cars which are powered by larger engines, like old trucks, buses, etc. His claim is that if the air in Delhi has to be cleaned up, it should be a more thorough approach, rather than banning cars which are fitted with the cleanest engines int he automotive industry.

However, since this ban has come into effect, JLR has come up with more petrol variants of its regular models. The Jaguar XJ and Range Rover Sport have been introduced with petrol engines while, at the ongoing 2016 Auto Expo, they also intriduced two petrol variants of Jaguar XE, their most affordable car till date.


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