Jaguar developing Tesla Model S, Audi Q6 e-Tron rivals

Jaguar is reported to be working on not one but two luxury electric vehicles to take advantage of the segment that is projected to explode towards the end of this decade. The pipeline includes a flagship EV Saloon codenamed X590 which could ultimately replace the XJ and an electric Sports Utility Vehicle. reports that the Jaguar X590 will be a stunning four-door coupe with hatchback-like boot lid. In other words, the body style would be in the lines of Tesla Model S and new Porsche Panamera.

2016 Jaguar XJL
The Jaguar X590 pure electric four-door coupe could eventually replace the XJ.

The electric SUV which is slated to follow the saloon in 2019 would be more affordable than the X590. The publication’s source has described the SUV as a sleek, modern and aerodynamically efficient vehicle with all the SUV-defining hard points in place. People in the know say that the SUV is better than the Audi Q6 e-Tron in terms of stance and dimensions.

Both the vehicles will employ an electronic architecture that is being developed under the leadership of former BMW engineer Wolfgang Ziebart. The platform would be compatible with software and hardware modules that are required for autonomous driving. It’s reported that Jaguar will procure batteries and electric motors from third party suppliers while engineering the performance electronics in-house.

Jaguar F-Pace US prices
The electric SUV will be positioned above the F-pace.

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If the work progresses as per plans, the Jaguar X590 electric saloon would be hitting the market much ahead of the fully electric offerings from Mercedes, Audi, and BMW.

Jaguar F-Pace – Photos

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