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Jawa delivery date estimator only works for those who booked online

Classic Legends launched Jawa Motorcycles in India in November 2018. It was an exciting re-entry back into the country which immediately got the attention of biking aficionados who literally made a bee line for bookings.

This resulted in Jawa shutting down the bookings via the online method. Though Jawa never revealed the total number of bookings received, nor have they revealed the number of bikes they have delivered till date – the company claimed that the booking number is huge. As per SIAM, till March 2019, the company had delivered about 250 bikes.

Jawa received several complaints from their customers who had made bookings right at the time of launch, in Nov 2018. Some customers stated that neither the dealers nor the company was updating them on exact time of delivery. Some of them who booked on 15th Nov, are still waiting for delivery.

Jawa 10 month waiting period.
Jawa 10 month waiting period.

In order to counter these complaints, the company has now launched an online website wherein customers can check date of delivery. The company has also commenced deliveries in batches in the order of booking sequence while they are trying to increase capacities to bring down waiting period.

The Delivery Estimator https://www.jawamotorcycles.com/delivery-estimator, allows customers to check the date of delivery for which they have to enter booking id and mobile numbers. Though this website was expected to satiate customer’s claims, it has also drawn the ire of some customers who claim that the site is faulty. In some cases it states that the Jawa booking stands cancelled while in other cases it shows that the booking id is unavailable.

Another complaint which has been registered by customers waiting for delivery, is that the app does not work for those bookings which were made at dealerships. It only works for those who had made the booking online.

Interestingly, there are many who had booked Jawa, but their city does not have a dealer yet. So their delivery date is also not revealed by this Jawa delivery date estimator.

In April 2019 the company had confirmed delivery of all bikes booked by September 2019. However, now the deliveries will only be done for customers who have booked till December 2018 by September 2019, which is a good 11 month wait for a Jawa bike. Those who have booked post Dec 2018, still do not know when their bikes will be delivered. Their dealers too have no clue as to when bikes will be delivered.

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