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Jawa launches Delivery Estimator Ver 2 – Waiting up to March 2020

Classic Legends, having successfully launched the Jawa motorcycles in India, have been bogged down by customer complaints over extended delivery periods. Some customers have been waiting for over 8 months for delivery of their Jawa motorcycles. There are some who had booked the bike on 15th Nov 2018, and have still not received delivery.

In a bid to placate customers facing indiscriminately long delays in receiving their Jawa bikes, the company has launched a Jawa Delivery Estimator on their official website. Unfortunately, this only worked for those buyers who had booked Jawa online, and that too before December 28, 2018.

For those who had booked Jawa post that date, or even before that date via dealer, were not able to see their wait time. Now, Jawa has launched version 2.0 of this delivery estimator. Jawa said – “It’s out as promised! The next version of Delivery Estimator is now live. This gives you a delivery window of bookings done on our website, as well as at our dealerships. Visit the Delivery Estimator here (https://www.jawamotorcycles.com/delivery-estimator).

Jawa delivery date estimator

Unfortunately, as per the new version of the delivery date estimator, the waiting period seems to have increased in some cases. Some of the owners waiting for delivery, posted that their delivery period has increased. In Version 1 of the delivery estimator, the delivery date was shown earlier, as compared to the date shown in version 2.

In the earlier version, for some bookings, the message shows that “Your booking has been cancelled”, while in other cases, it shows – “This booking combination does not exist”. This issue now has been fixed.

Classic Legends, launched the Jawa Motorcycle in India in November 2018. While buyers immediately rushed in to make bookings, they have been facing inordinate delay in delivery period of 8-9 months causing the company to receive many complaints. Those who have booked in August 2019, will get delivery in March 2020.

Buyers in Delhi and Bengaluru have waiting period of 8 months while buyers from Kolkata and Mumbai have a 7 month waiting period. This waiting period gets extended to 9 months in Hyderabad and Chennai and to 10 months in Pune.

Apart from delayed deliveries, there have also been complaints about the quality of the Jawa bikes. There have been issues when some owners complained of rusting parts such as chain, exhaust, chassis, nuts and bolts along with water logging in the speedometer. Jawa is working on resolving all issues of their customers.

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