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Jawa rear disc ABS price could be more than Royal Enfield Classic 350 ABS

Jawa Motorcycles come only with single channel ABS. It does not even get rear disc brakes, much to the dismay of fans. This surprised many, as to why would Jawa chose to launch their motorcycles without a rear disc brake or ABS in 2018.

The question was answered by Jawa. The reason they decided to offer drum brake at the rear, was to complement the aesthetics of the Jawa motorcycles. They also said that drum brakes offer better braking power.

Many believe the real reason for not offering a rear disc brake, was to make the launch price of Jawa motorcycles lower than rival Royal Enfield Classic 350 – which is not only the main rival of Jawa, but also the best selling motorcycle in the segment with about 45,000 motorcycles sold every month.

But, Jawa has received a strong feedback from buyers and fans, to offer a rear disc brake with ABS. At the media test ride, most complained about the drum brake being way too sharp, and easily locking up. This makes braking dangerous, as rider could easily lose traction.

Listening to this feedback, Jawa has decided to launch a rear disc brake variant of both Jawa and Jawa 42. It will also get ABS, which will make the Jawa and Jawa 42 equipped with dual channel ABS, instead of the single channel ABS setup it has currently, reveals Zigwheels.

But, this will come at a price. Jawa dual disc with dual ABS will result in a price increase of about Rs 10-15k. This means, the Jawa which is currently priced at Rs 1.64 lakhs and the Jawa 42 which is priced Rs 1.55 lakhs, could end up priced at Rs 1.8 lakh and Rs 1.73 lakhs respectively. At this price point, Royal Enfield Classic 350 Signals Edition with dual ABS is more affordable, as it costs Rs 1.62 lakhs. All prices are ex-showroom.

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