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Jeep Compass production restarts at plant near Pune – With medical support

Compass is the best selling car from Jeep in India, which is also exported to many countries around the world

Following relaxation of lockdown orders, several automakers have begun production operations though with staggered staff. The COVID-19 pandemic brought everything to a standstill. People stayed home, business shut, production activity was down to nil and offices all followed the work from home policy.

Saving lives and looking after the health and fitness of each citizen was of paramount importance during this pandemic which is fast spreading and leaving much turmoil in its wake. The auto sector in India was also a sufferer at this time. Plants, showrooms, dealerships, service centers and offices of every automaker in the country had been given orders to shut down.

However, over the past week, there has been a relaxation in lockdown regulations and a number of auto plants and showrooms have begun opening out but only with limited number of workers and with stringent safety and hygiene precautions in place. Fiat India has also commenced production at its Ranjangaon plant.

Jeep Compass plant in Pune
Jeep India manufacturing plant near Pune

A set program is in order, taking into account safety measures which will help to protect each of its 3,000 employees and their families from the COVID-19 pandemic. The Ranjangaon plant, from where the company manufactures both passenger vehicles and power trains, is spread over a vast area.

Sanitization operations are planned over this entire expanse with emphasis on cleaning and disinfecting. All employees have been instructed on the importance of social distancing, wearing of face masks and regular sanitization of their hands while on the premises. The employees and visitors will have to fill in a Daily Health Declaration permitting temperatures to be taken when entering the premises and while boarding and alighting from company buses.

Fiat India is offering complete medical support both inside and outside of their facilities and there is a dedicated ambulance standing by equipped with a ventilator and trained driver. The company has also set apart a 50 member committee of volunteers who will ensure that all safety and hygiene processes are strictly followed not only within the premises but also after working hours.

Along with commencing production, the supply chain is also activated so that there is a regular and smooth supply of parts. The company will keep a close eye on Government regulations with respect to any updates in terms of new safety precautions and procedures with respect to COVID-19 and implement the same in their premises. Regular production is expected to commence once the supply chain is fully operational.

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