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Jeep India introduces ‘Touch-free’ online sales platform amid lockdown

As dealerships remain closed, several automakers have introduced online platforms to boost sales amid the lockdown

Jeep India, under FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles), has introduced a new retail platform to sell its products while maintaining COVID-19 social distancing protocols. Dubbed as ‘Touch-free’ retail experience, the platform is part of an all-new ‘Book My Jeep’ digital module.

By visiting www.bookmyjeep.com, interested buyers can book and own their favourite Jeep at the comfort of their homes. Furthermore, test drive and delivery procedures would be carried out at their doorsteps in a safe and sanitised environment.

Customers have the convenience of understanding the specs, features, variants and colour choices in an intuitive user interface with a 360-degree visualisation of the selected model. Bookings can be done in just three steps.

Jeep India online sales
Customers can get a Jeep product delivered at their doorstep in a safe environment

Minimal details such as contact information and location are required (in addition to vehicle information) to make a booking. Once the user gets an order summary, the booking amount can be paid by any common payment method.

After this, a unique ID will be assigned to the customer that links the above information with the local Jeep India dealership. As per the customer’s choice, a dealer representative will contact the customer via video or voice call and assist the entire purchasing process. Customers also receive the liberty to take a test drive at their residence (following proper safety guidelines) before paying the final amount.

To bring its customer base to the relatively unknown scenario of online automotive sales, FCA India is offering limited-time introductory offers and benefits. COVID-19 lockdown measures have boosted online businesses and experts predict that digital sales platforms would remain strong even after the current state of affairs settles down.

Commenting on the new business strategy, President and MD of FCA India, Dr Partha Datta shared that the brand is committed to creating a user-friendly platform to buy a Jeep product amid these difficult times. Dr Datta further added that social distancing “has become the new normal” and it is the responsibility of FCA India to ensure that customers and dealer partners stay protected from the pandemic.

Jeep India has temporarily suspended most of its operations and production facilities since 22 March 2020. However, the company is ready to commence operations as usual if the concerned authorities give the green signal. Certain automakers have already opened their factories, but with strict safety guidelines and single-shift working patterns.

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