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Top Gear off the air this week, Jeremy Clarkson suspended by BBC

Clarkson, 54, had a fracas with a producer of the world famous show, Top Gear. No details have been mentioned and no one else has been suspended.

The trio that needs no introduction.

It is learnt that BBC suspended Clarkson after he allegedly punched a male producer in an incident last. The regular weekly edition of Top Gear is not being broadcasted this week and investigations into the incident are underway as on date.

Clarkson has been noted for his controversial statements and racist remarks and has received umpteen warnings in the past. Last year he was given a final warning by BBC for a racist term used and while he initially denied even using the word, a video recording proved otherwise forcing Clarkson to apologize.

Besides remarks and statements, Clarkson also struck journalist Piers Morgan in 2004 and had to be restrained by security. This time round he reportedly punched a producer following a dispute and hence the suspension. Jeremy Clarkson hosts Top Gear on BBC along with Richard Hammond and James May and has made the show one of the world’s most popular factual TV programs with 350 million viewers each week in 170 countries.

Immediately following news of his suspension, Clarkson fans across the globe set up a petition to BBC to reinstate him. The online appeal read “We the undersigned petition the BBC to reinstate Jeremy Clarkson Freedom to fracas” which immediately received over 30,000 signatures.

Sunday’s episode of Top Gear was to feature Clarkson, Hammond and May with classic cars that included a Fiat 124 Spider an MGB GT and Peugeot 304 Cabriolet.

Below are tweets from the Top Gear trio, after the news about Jeremy Clarkson suspended went public.

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